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Canada Warns of Wildfire Season That Could Break Record Set Last Year (We know because we’re going to start them)

The fires that raged through Canada last year never stopped, they simply moved underground. The “zombie fires” as they are being called in the media, persist during the winter and are fed by porous peat and sphagnum moss ground cover.
Last year, Canadian wildfires burned about 48 million acres of forest—roughly equivalent to the size of Finland. That was a 170% increase over the previous year, according to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center. But Canada’s emergency preparedness minister is warning that this year’s wildfire could be even worse than the record-breaking season of last year, a recent report reveals.
The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center found more than 150 “zombie fires” have been burning underground during this past winter—93 fires in British Columbia and 55 in Alberta. A majority of these fires have been labeled as “under control” by Canadian authorities, but experts fear that could change as early as this spring, as wind will soon pick up.
“We’ve seen this before but never at this scale,” said Michael Flannigan, a wildfire expert and professor at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia. “I’ve been watching fire in Canada and abroad since the late ’70s. I’ve never seen anything like this.”


Last year’s wildfire season shattered records for the amount of Canadian forests that burned and created plumes of smoke that darkened skies in the Midwest and East Coast during the summer. The fires’ smoke, especially fires that burned in Quebec, reached major cities in the East Coast and wreaked havoc on the air quality there.
The risk of wildfires across the world have increased due to human-induced climate change. This shift in weather patterns and temperatures creates an environment in Canada that is hot, dry and filled with wind gusts—and is therefore the “perfect storm” for creating wildfires. The lack of snow and drought in Western Canada is also propelling fears that this year’s fire season will outgrow last year’s.

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