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‘We can’t take any more cuts’: Furious residents lay bare misery of living under crashed councils as bin collections, street lights, libraries and social care are slashed – with fears more town halls are on the brink… could YOUR council be next?

Infuriated residents today laid bare the misery of living under councils which have crashed and gone bust.

MailOnline can reveal how parts of Birmingham, Nottingham and Croydon have become rundown amid dwindling public services  – with bin collections, street lighting, libraries and social care all facing further cuts as authorities file for bankruptcy.

Other local authorities including Woking, Thurrock and Slough have also issued Section 114 notices in the last three years.

We found not only fury among the residents of these parts of the country, but also barren high streets with boarded-up shops, mountains of rubbish piled high and even dimmed street lighting.

Locals revealed just how rundown their areas have become as council chiefs struggle to provide the basics. They also told of their despair about what they get in return for soaring council tax bills, as well as growing fears for security in neglected neighbourhoods.

In November 2022, Croydon Council issued a Section 114 notice for the third time in two years – though it came out of those arrangements a year ago and says it had not cut bin collections during the times when effectively bankrupt.

Couple Michaela Smart, 33, and Jack Collyel, 30, have lived in the area for years and say that they are not surprised by the local authority running out of money. Mr Collyel, who was recently made redundant from his restaurant job, says he is ‘worried about another council tax increase’.

He added: ‘There will also be less funding for the youth centres, which we need because there are so many young people around here with nothing to do but cause trouble. They need somewhere to go.’

Ms Smart also expressed fears about local teenagers, adding: ‘There are so many gangs of young people around here who carry knives – something needs to be done about it.’

Care home worker Michaela said: ‘I am not shocked. We have just been down to the shops in the high street and everything is shut down.’

Friends Hayley Woolveridge and Rob Sackett say that the area has seriously declined in recent years.

Ms Woolveridge, who grew up around Croydon but has since moved to nearby Wimbledon, said: ‘Back in the day this was one of the best high streets to come to.

‘They are shutting everything down. This is our history and they are ruining it. We want the old town back again – I miss it.

‘My mum and dad’s house has been devalued because of what Croydon Council have done. There is nothing going for this place but drunken people.’

Mr Sackett added: ‘People used to travel from other towns to come shopping here, it was beautiful.

‘They have trashed it. The high street is awful now. There’s so many people sleeping on the street. It’s no wonder that they have gone bust.’

Enya Nieghorn, a 28-year-old restaurant manager who has lived in Croydon for five years, cast blame on the Covid-19 pandemic for the area’s fortunes going downhill.

She said: ‘It has changed a lot after Covid. People aren’t as friendly as they used to be – it is not a nice area anymore. I used to like Croydon and feel safe here, but not so much anymore.

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