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Protests Over the International Israeli Sales Events of Stolen Palestinian Land

Jews in Canada and the US are protesting real estate events and say Israel is selling Real Estate that they’ve stolen from Palestinians in synagogues across the world. The Israeli  events in Canada and the US is also facing major backlash from community residents as well as pro-Palestinian activists over the advertisement of properties located in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, which is not only immoral but also deemed illegal under international law.

However, Israel differentiates between settlements and settler outposts, the latter of which it deems illegal under its own laws. In addition to the event being held amid Israel’s war in Gaza, in which Israeli forces have killed more than 30,000 Palestinians, the event takes place amid a period of rising Israeli settler violence against Palestinians. Source

“Great Israeli Real Estate Event”

The event, titled the “Great Israeli Real Estate Event”, took place in Montreal on Tuesday evening, and there will be upcoming events in Toronto, New Jersey, and New York this month. The event’s website advertises properties located in several Israeli cities. It also lists the following Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank: Neve Daniel, Efrat, Ma’ale Adumim.

The Jewish Link, a Jewish newspaper from the American northeast region, reported that individuals can register for the events at the website for the company, My Home in Israel.

My Home in Israel lists properties for sale in several areas of the occupied West Bank, including in East Jerusalem. According to the company’s website, the property for sale in occupied East Jerusalem will be available for sale at the exhibition in Teaneck, which will be located at the Congregation Keter Torah synagogue.

The upcoming event in Teaneck was met with outrage from the local community, including from Palestinian, Muslim, and Jewish residents.

The sales events marketing luxury apartments in areas where people are still being bombed, starved, maimed and orphaned is are already distasteful in the extreme, but the Jewish link is marketing these properties as a wise decision due to looming uncertainty in the world and “antisemitism” showing it’s “ugly face”

The Jewish Link also wrote: “Gidon Katz, a seasoned veteran in marketing Israeli properties to the global Jewish community for nearly thirty years, highlights an exceptional investment opportunity. According to Katz, financial experts from leading banks have recently forecasted a significant uptick in Israel’s real estate prices over the next six to nine months. “This bullish outlook is largely attributed to the expected end of the war, iy”H, and a forthcoming reduction in interest rates, signaling a robust period for potential investors in the Israeli property market.”

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