Posted by Sponsored Post Posted on 7 March 2024

Press Release: OKP LIFE Introduces the Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum K5 PRO – Redefining Cleaning with Sustainability at Its Core


Eco-Friendly Mopping Reimagined

The K5 PRO introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows the use of used wet wipes for floor mopping. This initiative encourages recycling and reduces waste, aligning with our vision of eco-friendly home maintenance. By repurposing wet wipes, users contribute to a greener environment, making the K5 PRO the perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Triangulation Distance Measuring

Equipped with nine sets of triangulation distance sensors, including eight for obstacle avoidance covering a 190-degree area in front and one dedicated to wall-following on the right, the K5 PRO sets a new standard in robotic vacuum navigation. This technology ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient cleaning across all types of floors.

Simplified Maintenance

The K5 PRO boasts a user-friendly suction outlet design, making it easier than ever to clean and maintain. This feature ensures that your vacuum remains in optimal condition, ready to tackle any cleaning challenge.

Exclusive Launch Offer

To celebrate the launch of the Robot Vacuum K5 PRO, OKP LIFE is offering an exclusive 51% discount for early adopters. Use the discount code NEWK5PRO on our official website to unlock this incredible offer. Additionally, early buyers will receive a complimentary remote control and disposable wet wipes, enhancing the cleaning experience right out of the box. Please note that these gifts are available while supplies last.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your home cleaning routine with the K5 PRO, where innovation meets sustainability. Embrace the future of cleaning with OKP LIFE and make a positive impact on the environment. Hurry, as this offer is limited and subject to availability. Join us in this exciting new chapter of smart cleaning, and experience the difference with the K5 PRO.

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