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Migrants Are So Miserable in Britain They’re Desperate to Leave – But We Won’t Let Them

A growing number of illegal migrants are finding life in Britain so miserable, they’re desperate to leave. But we won’t let them. Michael Deacon in the Telegraph wonders why the British state doesn’t have the basic human decency to let them go.

According to reports, there is a growing number of people who have entered this country illegally, only to find that life in Britain is even worse than in whatever godforsaken hellhole they originally came from. Yesterday, for example, one newspaper carried an interview with a teenager from north Africa who arrived here last July via small boat. He said: “I hate Britain and wish I had never come here. I want to go back to France.”

Meanwhile, an illegal migrant from Sudan said: “I want to go anywhere else in Europe… There are many young migrants wanting to leave because there is nothing for them in the U.K.” And last month, an illegal migrant from Syria said: “A lot of people who came over the Channel want to leave now – there is nothing for us here.”

Unfortunately for these illegal migrants, however, there’s one small problem. They can’t leave Britain – because the police keep stopping them.

Take the illegal migrant from Sudan. Four weeks ago, the police caught him in Dover, trying to sneak aboard a truck bound for France. They then drove him all the way back to Preston in Lancashire, where the Home Office had housed him. The same thing happened to the migrant from Syria. He says he’s been trying to sneak out of Britain since last summer – but has been caught by the police every time.

What a remarkable situation. We’re hopeless at keeping people out. But we’re brilliant at keeping them in.

Personally, though, I find it cruel that we’re forcing these poor migrants to stay in this awful country against their will. In the name of human decency, surely we can find it in our hearts to let them go. All they want is the chance of a better life elsewhere.

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