Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 March 2024

MAMs Missing the Point: Misleading Criticism about the Dangers of the ‘Covid’ Jabs

MAM as in Mainstream Alternative Media was coined by David Icke & MAM as in Mainstream Alternative Medicine was coined by myself. The media, including both MAM’s claims about the dangers of illness and death of the Covid jabs is based on the wrong assumption that there is a Corona Virus, Gene technology and an immune system that will go out of control and maim and kill the jabbed. With these claims the actual dangers of the nano particles such as Graphene, Quantum Dots and Hydrogels are concealed.

First, I want to emphasize one thing clearly: There are huge dangers posed by these shots and the nano particles contained therein! These dangers are being hidden and suppressed in “vaccine” studies and almost all the MAM outlets in media and medicine.

The MAM is circling around an eddy as David Icke would say, of spike proteins causing harm in conjunction with an out of control immune system. As I have detailed in an earlier post, there is no evidence that viruses exist and there is no evidence that the spike protein exists. See here:

and here:

Nano tech is the real reason these jabs were forced on billions of people because the perpetrators of the Covid scam knew very well that there was no virus. They hide the toxic substances in vaccines in general as “adjuvants”. These are claimed to be aiding the “vaccine” induce an immune response in the body. If they didn’t add these toxic substances like Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Graphene and others there would be no reaction in the body that they could call an immune response. In reality it’s not an immune response, but an inflammatory detox and repair reaction of the body to get rid of these toxic things.

The so called antibodies are sphere like proteins called Globulins that have been given the misnomer antibody. In reality these Globulins serve to build blood vessels and nerves. Increased Globulins are required and made to build new tissues. Globulins are also made when such tissues are attacked by toxins. And this is the reason why ALL vaccines contain extremely toxic substances to cause an increase in Globulins, mis-nomered as Antibodies, as “proof” that they work. Drug approval agencies usually ignore these toxic adjuvants as they are claimed not to be the active ingredient. In the Covid jabs the nano tech, is claimed just to be the transport vehicle for mRNA. Therefore they claim the jabs don’t contain any adjuvants. The presence and dangers of these nano particles are concealed by both sides: the proponents of the jabs and the critics who claim the dangers are due to out of control gene technology and immune function.

There are several types of nano particles. The one admitted to by the manufacturers is PEG, Polyethylene Glycol. It has the potential to cause allergic reactions. But PEG is not the main nano tech causing harm. Dark field microscopy findings show the presence of Nano Dots that glow and blink in different colors and aid in constructing nanotechnology using hydrogels as base materials and the body’s own energy and substrates. This is the reason many destroyed red blood cells can be found around these construction sites. These grow in size to particles that are large enough to occlude blood vessels causing strokes, thrombosis and heart attacks.

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