Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 March 2024

Labour’s Plan To Upend Democracy

Last week, I told you about the Labour Party’s plan to import divisive, America-style culture wars into Britain —how the party plans to hardwire a toxic woke ideology into our civil service, schools, universities, and prevailing culture.

This week, I’m going to tell you how Labour also plan to make their political and cultural revolution permanent —by taking power out of the hands of the elected government in Westminster, out of the hands of the masses, and giving it to unaccountable quangos and civil servants you will never be able to vote out of power.

Keir Starmer doesn’t want you to know about this. That’s why he helped Tom Baldwin, a former senior adviser for Ed Miliband and close friend of Alastair Campbell write a biography which presents the Labour leader as an instinctively apolitical, sensible person who has no ‘grand vision’ for British society.

Starmer, we are told over and over again, is just ‘a normal bloke’ who likes to play football and wants Britain to be well run. He’s just a bland technocrat who rejects divisive ideological narratives in favour of sound government.

But, in truth, Keir Starmer and the people around him do have a radical vision of politics and our democracy. It’s a vision of a country where people who think and act like them are in power forever and where the populist revolts against the new elite which erupted over the last decade, through UKIP, Brexit, the Brexit Party, and then the reassertion of popular sovereignty in 2019, are made impossible.

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