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Senior Tory Politicians are ‘Entwined in the Workings of WHO and Gavi, Both Heavily Bankrolled by Bill Gates’

Despite receiving a petition with over 100,000 signatures, a few weeks ago, the UK parliament refused to hold a debate about the UK’s continued membership of the World Health Organisation. John Stone, has written a guest post for The New Era publication where he has provided a possible explanation as to why the government refused to discuss the WHO ‘Pandemic’ Treaty, the main reason being, senior Conservative Party politicians are completely entwined in the workings of the WHO and GAVI – both of which are heavily bankrolled by Bill Gates. What a surprise!

Sunak, Mitchell and Cameron and the WHO.

We know that thousands of people across the United Kingdom have grave concerns about the UK giving up its sovereignty over public health matters to supranational bodies that are heavily controlled by nefarious actors.  But many will be surprised that the Prime Minister, Andrew Mitchell and David Cameron have become so captured by WHO and Gates that they are ignoring the better interests of the United Kingdom and UK taxpayers. 

In just two months a critical meeting of the World Health Assembly will take place. This meeting is supposed to finalise the terms of two politically oppressive and financially onerous agreements: the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the updated International Health Regulations.

In light of this, it might be useful to revisit information I published last year about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s rehabilitation of Andrew Mitchell (of “Plebgate” infamy) and former Prime Minister David Cameron who, together, instituted the British government partnership with Bill Gates’s Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) in 2011 – committing £billions of taxpayers’ money.

It should also be noted that it was only disclosed – in a petition debate about the International Health Regulations in December 2023 – that Mitchell was the chief Foreign Office negotiator for the two WHO agreements.

Moreover, it is now evident that although the government’s position was opaque and ambiguous at the debate in December it is not proposing to reveal any more details before the agreements are supposed to be concluded in May, by which point it will be very difficult for the UK and other nations to extricate themselves from them.

Days after Cameron’s appointment, the British government hosted the so-called Global Food Security Summit in which Sunak, Cameron, Mitchell and Tedros all toasted the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation while Mitchell also paid particular tribute to Tedros:

“I now have particular pleasure in calling Dr Tedros, the head of the WHO, a friend of many of us who does incredible work against an extraordinarily difficult background”

About all this, of course, there is an incredible lack of transparency.

The event was hosted by the UK, UAE and Somalia and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation – an organisation founded by Net Zero proponent Sir Chris Hohn.

Hohn, meanwhile, also bankrolls Extinction Rebellion.

In his mysterious rise to power it should be noted that Sunak is himself a former employee of Hohn and his hedge fund, Children’s Investment Fund Management.

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