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Meet the ‘Transableists’: Able-Bodied Men Who Identify as Disabled Women

Last week on the Daily Sceptic, I wrote about the attempts of Government and campaigners to effectively make being female into a form of officially recognised disability as regards the menopause. Yet, as such a move would apply to only half the population, would it not be potentially discriminatory in nature? Why should only women be able to claim they’re disabled when they’re not? Can’t transgender males get in on the act too? And if not, why not?

An equally valid path towards a potential life on disability benefits would be simply to begin self-identifying as being disabled in a general sense, even though in actual fact you are completely able-bodied. Once, such ideas were considered fit only for poor-taste comedy-skits like those of Lou and Andyon Little Britain. Now, there is a whole social movement devoted to the idea out there. It is called ‘transableism’, and it makes mere transgenderism sound positively sane by comparison.

No Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

There has always been the occasional individual who has posed falsely as being disabled: to wrongly claim disability benefits, to avoid military service, to elicit undeserved sympathy or charity from others, or even to gain easy sporting success, as with the completely healthy Spanish basketball team who fraudulently (but quite amusingly) won gold at the 2000 Paralympics.

Transableists are fundamentally different. Not simply out for personal gain, they really seem to believe what they are saying. An excellent example would be Jørund Viktoria Alme, a 53-year-old able-bodied male senior credit analyst from Oslo, who self-IDs as a disabled woman confined to a wheelchair. Whilst still a five-year-old schoolboy, Alme saw a classmate using a splint and crutches, causing him to feel intense jealousy: “As I understand it in retrospect… it was I who should have been there.”

As waves of trans-mania swept the West during the late 2010s, the demonstrably male, demonstrably able-bodied, Alme suddenly came to understand his ‘true’ identity – not only as a woman, but as a woman who had been born paralysed from the waist down. So, he bought a wheelchair and a wig and went around acting like one. And then, in 2022, he appeared on Good Morning Norway to brag about his situation, arguing he wasn’t really doing anything wrong because – his genuine example – he never made use of a Disabled Parking space.

A Farewell to Arms (and Legs)

The technical clinical label for transableism is Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), a term coined in 2005. But the apparent goal of more recently relabelling BIID as transableism is to link it directly back to the wider phenomenon of transgenderism, thus to lend the condition spurious but fashionable social acceptability by association. After all, if someone with a penis can now be a woman, why can’t someone with fully working eyes be blind too?

There are now actual academics – or people who self-identify as such – who make these arguments. Clive Baldwin is a Canada Research Chair in Narrative Studies at St. Thomas University in Newfoundland: the fact he teaches a specious Critical Theory sub-discipline specifically called ‘Narrative Studies’ indicates how, for many such people, the very ideas of being ‘disabled’ or ‘able-bodied’ in the first place are simply fake, time-honoured social stories, not objective physical facts at all.

Baldwin has interviewed transableists from across the world, finding many who take matters into their own hands and arrange handy ‘accidents’ to cripple themselves for real. One man dropped a heavy concrete block onto his leg, hoping it would necessitate amputation. Tragically, unsympathetic doctors cruelly saved his leg in the operating theatre: “He limps, but it’s not the disability he wanted.” Another such individual, known only as ‘One Hand Jason’, deliberately lopped off his right arm with a “very sharp power-tool”, like in Evil Dead 2, but only after responsibly practising on “animal parts sourced from a butcher” first.

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