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Judge Who Didn’t Jail “Paraglider” Protesters Accused of Violating Code of Conduct

The Judge embroiled in controversy for his lenient handling of three women who praised the Hamas “paraglider” attacks, is alleged to have breached the judiciary’s code of conduct by discussing the imprisonment of a police officer. The Mail has more.

Judge Tanweer Ikram found the three women, all in their mid-twenties, guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court of inviting support for a proscribed organisation, a charge that can carry up to 14 years behind bars, but did not impose a jail term or community order, saying their lesson had been “well-learned”.

Ikram has now been accused of violating the judiciary’s code of conduct by talking about jailing a police officer.

The deputy senior judge told students during a presentation last year that he had “horrified” the police by jailing an officer who had sent out racist WhatsApp messages, the Telegraph reported.

But the Court and Tribunals Judiciary code of conduct bars judges from talking about “cases they or colleagues hear”, and they are told not to “comment on matters of controversy”.

Ikram reportedly told students at the College of DuPage, in Illinois, “I sent somebody to prison recently.

“It was a police officer. He was on a WhatsApp group and was sending messages to all his fellow police officers, which were disgustingly racist. And he said it was a private group.”

His comments are understood to have been in reference to the case of James Watts, a former cop who was jailed in 2022 for sending grossly offensive messages. …

Ikram faced criticism after he liked a video which branded Israel a “terrorist” state and called for a free Palestine.

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