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German Politicians Counter Rise of ‘Anti-Democratic Forces’… by Sending Police After Those Who “Disparage the Honour” of Government Figures

It is just great to live in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is an extremely liberal Western democracy. Here, everybody can express himself freely, because we have a great Constitution which totally protects our rights. Article 5 of our basic law, for example, declares to all and sundry that “Everyone has the right to freely express and disseminate his or her opinion in speech, writing and pictures.” What a wonderful freedom that is. Every night when I go to sleep, I feel a great happiness about this freedom, and I remember how bad things were in the old East German DDR, when saying the wrong thing could land you in the sights of the Stasi.

We enjoy so much freedom in Germany, that it is totally fine for farmers to hang up protest signs attacking the Green Party. Our police and our politicians know that the freedom to criticise the Government is central to the healthy, functioning democratic order all Germans enjoy:

A poster with the slogan “Greens and Green voters will no longer be served by us – German farmers!” attracted the attention of police, who say the poster incites hatred. The Neuruppin Public Prosecutor’s office has now launched an investigation. Chief Prosecutor Cyrill Klement confirmed this… The Public Prosecutor’s office has “affirmed” the initial suspicion of incitement to hatred and “started investigations”. Around two weeks ago, police officers and a person in plain clothes confiscated the sign from a farmer’s private property.

Our police and politicians are so enlightened that they have no problem at all with multiple signs expressing refusal to do business with the Greens. That’s what a great democracy we have:

A fruit seller at the weekly market in Wittenberg… put up a poster on his van with the words: “Greens and Green voters will no longer served by us.” He is now facing criminal charges for this offence. The police confiscated the poster on Friday morning. According to the police, he is under suspicion of inciting hatred. The state Security Department responsible for political and crimes against the state has taken over the investigation.

The merchant who displayed the poster on his vehicle comes from the district of Stendal in Saxony-Anhalt. The police accuse him of not showing any insight when the officers took the poster down and filed a complaint. Initially, employees of the Wittenberg public order office had informed the police.

Even though the Greens are in Government, you can say what you want about individual Green politicians. That’s what living in a liberal democracy is all about. When a local entrepreneur hung up mock campaign posters last autumn, like this one showing Cem Özdemir with a carrot through his empty head, Ricarda Lang on a steamroller, Robert Habeck with empty pockets and Annalena Baerbock as a child…

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