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‘They’re untouchable’: RNLI whistleblowers claim ‘bully’ lifeboat bosses ‘put lives in danger’ by sacking veteran heroes and replacing them with ‘arrogant’ youngsters as one of Britain’s most beloved charities faces toxic row on 200th anniversary

The RNLI is celebrating its 200th birthday. It’s one of the richest and most beloved charities in the UK and is dedicated to saving lives at sea.

Yet shocking allegations from whistleblowers around Britain have revealed the RNLI is mired in a growing controversy that threatens to derail its bicentennial celebrations — and possibly the charity as a whole.

The lifeboat organisation has been accused of harbouring a toxic culture of bullying that sees volunteers ‘mistreated’ and bosses doing ‘anything’ to silence people who threaten its reputation and donations, even if it means ‘lying to the public’.

Former volunteers who gave decades of their lives to the RNLI told MailOnline they will ‘never give another penny’ to the charity.

From plotting with ‘arrogant’ youngsters to force out volunteers with 320 years of combined experience to covering up ‘assaults, sexism and bullying’, RNLI stations around the country have faced a plethora of controversial accusations.

Whistleblowers say what ties the stations’ troubles together is RNLI management’s almost identical style of response, which they claim is lies, denials and a refusal to apologise in the face of a mountain of evidence.

The RNLI say they have nothing to apologise for. A spokeswoman told MailOnline: ‘We are not going to apologise.’ The charity said claims it has a toxic culture of bullying and silences anyone who speaks out or complains about issues such as bullying, racism and safety, were ‘absolutely untrue’. It also denied claims it lies and denies allegations to protect its reputation.

Senior Hovercraft Commander Graham Lowe, 64, served 36 years at RNLI New Brighton, in the Wirral, before he claims he was sacked by senior management after he allegedly stood up to a new batch of ‘arrogant’ volunteers.

When Graham joined the RNLI as a 20-year-old, the charity enjoyed a reputation as an intrinsic part of Britain’s heritage and culture.

The charity was so popular that it barely needed to fundraise — the donations rolled in regardless.

Graham spent years diligently working his way up the ranks from mopping the floors to being part of the crew, taking his helmsman course and finally becoming one of the most senior volunteers.

It usually takes years to become an RNLI helmsman, but when a new lot of youngsters joined in around 2015, they were allegedly unwilling to put in the grunt work to show their commitment.

Instead, they wanted to overhaul the tried and tested methods used at the lifeboat station for generations, Graham and other former volunteers said.

One youngster in particular allegedly pestered Lifeboat Coordinator Janet Waine by following her around and pressuring her to give him a better role, she claimed.

Janet, 57, told MailOnline: ‘He was always telling me about his PHD. He said he should be on a helmsman course.

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