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Motorway 60mph Restrictions to be Scrapped

The 60mph speed restrictions on the M1 and M6 will be removed after National Highways admitted air pollution had risen in places and it didn’t know whether the restrictions had helped. The Telegraph has the story.

Since 2021, drivers have been forced to slow down on stretches of motorway such as the M1 between junctions 28 to 35a in a bid to ascertain if driving more slowly helps reduce emissions.

The restrictions were supposed to last between 12 and 15 months, with National Highways promising that data showing if the schemes were working would be available last spring.

On Friday, the body said the sections would return to the national speed limit of 70mph after pollution had fallen in the areas, but could not say whether this was because of the trials or because there were more electric and hybrid cars on the road.

Angela Halliwell, the head of the National Highways’ carbon and air quality group, said: “There is an overall trend that air quality is improving across our network. Removing 60mph speed limits from sections of the M1 and M6 where air quality has improved is a positive step.

“Ultimately, air quality will be solved ‘at the tailpipe’ by vehicle manufacturers and changes in vehicle use.”

A new report released by National Highways this week shows that nitrogen dioxide levels fell in the Rotherham speed restriction zone from 39 micrograms per [cubic] metre (µg/m3) to 35 µg/m3.

Likewise, pollution has dropped in Manchester from 38 µg/m3 to 31 µg/m3.

National Highways said it was “highly unlikely” that the pollution would exceed the legal limit if restrictions were removed, but could not say how it had come to that conclusion. It said it would continue to monitor both locations.

However, the report also shows that some areas with speed restrictions have seen pollution levels increase, including the trial site at the M602 at Eccles, and the M4 at Hillingdon. Nitrogen dioxide levels have remained the same at the M5 at Oldbury.

Motoring groups have previously warned that speed restrictions could increase congestion and may worsen pollution.

National Highways said that air quality was influenced by multiple factors and that building work near the speed restriction areas may have played a factor.

When asked what they thought was causing pollution to rise or fall in the various areas, the body said: “We generally don’t know.” …

Experts called for the remaining limits to also be scrapped if there was no evidence they were working.

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