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WH Press Sec. Claims Biden ‘Doesn’t Need’ Cognitive Assessment, Says ‘Passes Cognitive Test Every Day’

Bumbling 81-year-old puppet POTUS Joe Biden doesn’t need to take a cognitive test because he performs his job daily, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre unashamedly argued.

Asked during a briefing Wednesday why Biden’s annual physical examination wouldn’t include a cognitive function screening, Jean-Pierre denied such a test was necessary and told reporters concerns over his mental decline were overblown.

“I think folks need to understand that the president passes again a cognitive test every day,” Jean-Pierre claimed.

The Biden admin propagandist went on to downplay the value of a clinical cognitive test characterizing it as a “15-minute appointment that is administered by someone that most of the time people don’t actually know.”

“And and the president has a team of doctors that is with him 24/7” she said, adding, “and he is able to do the work every day.”

“That is rigorous,” Pierre insisted. “That is more rigorous than it would be for any 15 minute clinical appointment.”

“The president doesn’t need a cognitive test,” she continued, claiming those were the word’s of Biden’s physician.

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