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The Government Misinformation about the Deadly Harms of the 5G Futuristic Technologies.

The Defender, recently published a woman’s account of how her life dramatically changed after having 51 strokes following the “upgrade” of a cell tower 900 feet from her home. There are too many stories such as this one, but the harms from towers and EMF radiation have been conveniently ignored while the government “upgraded” the telecoms infrastucture in the UK. Instead, their promotion of the mass roll out of the 5G has touted the futuristic lifestyle “benefits” of it, but downright lying about the harms. This is of course, because 5G is the nervous system of the dictatorial control that the globalist cult have in store for us. From smart cities, to mind control, 5G is essential and the fact that even prior to this roll out and the horrific 5G towers, there has been a “variety of evidence” of deadly harms from “Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance” attributed to Electromagnetic Fields (IEI-EMF), or Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS).

But, as we have already witnessed with the children jabbers and the midazolam monsters, there is nothing that will stand in the way of the long planned globalist agenda.


A study by Michael Bevington, published at the begining of 2019, presented evidence that came both from surveys of the general population and also from individuals that faced restrictions in access to work as a result of their “intolerance.” (Can anyone actually be intolerant to EMF?).

What these surveys found is that 79% of the population had “subconcious symptoms” up to 30% had mild cases, and 0.65% which in a population of 67 milion equates to 435,500 people had “severe cases” and were restricted from work. Since these studies were conduted there has been a

The Difficulty With Identifying IEI-EMF/EHS

The Bevington study, shows a substantial number of individuals who were reported to have been diagnosed with IEI-EMF/EHS, however, there is every likelihood that the numbers are far higher than recorded due to undereporting. According to the study by Bevington, it is often difficult to identify IEI-EMF/EHS and to link EMF exposure with health effects.

For example, he cited a case where a physician with 25 years’ experience spent nine months researching before he discovered that he had developed IEI-EMF/EHS (Eberle, 2014). Also, three out of the four cases in another study showed that it took from 3 to 17 years to identify EMF exposure as a cause of symptoms (Genuis, 2008).

Another case (#3, UK survey 2019; Supplementary Data) took 14 years to discover that the cause of her varied symptoms was probably IEI-EMF/EHS; in fact, of the 34 individual adults in this survey, 7 (21%) were graduates of Oxford or Cambridge universities, an unusually high proportion given that these graduates form under 1% of the UK’s adult population.

In another study 50% of people considered IEI-EMF/EHS had the equivalent of university education compared with 11% of others (Schröttner, et al. 2008). while of 107 with IEI-EMF/EHS, 27.3% were classified as having ‘high’ education compared with 12.2% as ‘low’ (Schreier, et al. 2006).

No known psychological or neurological factors explain this preponderance towards higher education. Instead, it may reflect the intellectual challenge of linking unseen radiation with ill health, especially given the shortage of information about IEI-EMF/EHS in some medical literature and in some official sources.

In Japan it was reported that in 2012 only 1% of the general population had heard of IEI-EMF/EHS (Hojo, et al. 2016). This difficulty of diagnosis may also explain under-reporting in some studies on IEI-EMF/EHS based on self-diagnosis.

Difficulty Diagnosing Children According to Bevington, there is a difficulty in diagnosing children with IEI-EMF/EHS, and in one case it took 10 years for physicians and therapists to establish that the child had IEI-EMF/EHS (case 1, Hedendahl, et al. 2015), suggesting that there may be significant under-reporting for children, who need adjustments to prevent restriction or exclusion from their school work situations.

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