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Top Cardiologist Reports 47-Fold Increase in Serious Myocarditis Post ‘Covid’ Vaccinations as He Calls on GMC to Investigate

Dr. Dean Patterson, a leading consultant cardiologist in Guernsey and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, has written to the U.K. medical professional regulator the General Medical Council (GMC) calling for an investigation into harms from the COVID-19 vaccines, in a letter first published on Dr. Aseem Malhotra’s website.

February 19th 2024
Charlie Massey
Chair of Executive Board
The General Medical Council

Dear Mr. Massey,

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a distinguished medical professional who, through his dedication to improving public health and promoting evidence-based medicines, has inspired numerous medical professionals to speak out in support of non-pharmaceutical management of chronic illness. He has been attacked for his stance in the past, in respect to his views on sugar and statins. He today again stands accused of spreading dangerous misinformation by a group of medical professionals who appear dedicated to reducing science and medical practice to an echo chamber.

Over the last 10-15 years, I have become increasingly aware of Dr. Aseem Malhotra as a cardiologist who has made significant contributions to the field of preventive cardiology and lifestyle medicine. His commitment to challenging conventional medical wisdom and advocating a more holistic approach to healthcare has earned him widespread respect and admiration within the medical community and beyond. That said, he has also faced opposition over the years from critics. He has faced these criticisms openly and encouraged debate on the science. This is a foundation cornerstone of the scientific method. I have been inspired by Dr. Malhotra’s bravery. He is the U.K. standard bearer for integrity and bravery in speaking out for patient safety. The world needs more doctors like him. Many doctors are too afraid to challenge mainstream dogma. Enabling doctors with opposing views to shut down Dr. Malhotra’s freedom to speak will damage patient safety.

I recall prior to the COVID-19 pandemic watching a lecture given online by Dr. Malhotra on December 15th 2019, ‘Evidence-Based Medicine has been hijacked’. This lecture succinctly explains why the doctors of today are not adequately equipped with the training to explain risk-benefit ratios of drugs and interventions to their patients. Not only is Dr. Malhotra an accomplished physician, but he is also a passionate advocate for addressing the root causes of chronic disease, particularly through lifestyle interventions and dietary modifications. His efforts to raise awareness about the impact of excessive sugar consumption and the overuse of medications in the treatment of chronic illnesses have been instrumental in sparking important conversations about the need for a paradigm shift in healthcare.

It is indeed a sad irony that Dr. Malhotra has been labeled an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist, as he himself took the initial COVID-19 vaccine, recommended it to others and even his father. He later realised that serious safety signals were being reported and understandably has concerns that the COVID-19 vaccine may have contributed to accelerated fatal acute myocardial infarction in his father.

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