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How Long Before Being Female is Itself Classed as a Disability?

Many sceptical readers will have had hot flushes when opening their newspapers last week only to discover that being menopausal had apparently suddenly been officially reclassified as an actual ‘disability’. On February 21st, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) put out some formal guidelines warning U.K. employers that, under the terms of the Equality Act 2010, they had “legal obligations” to make “reasonable adjustments” to the working conditions of menopausal employees or else face potentially costly legal fines.

“Reasonable adjustments” like what? Subsequent media reporting suggested firms employing ladies of a certain vintage might need to allow them to “wear cooler uniforms and work from home on hot days” or even give them “quiet rooms to rest in and have fans or air conditioning in their workplaces”, whilst if colleagues “ridicule women for their problems, it may constitute harassment”, to say nothing of slipping any ice-cubes down their knickers.

The EHRC’s ‘friendly reminder’ came in the wake of an Employment Tribunal involving a menopausal social worker named Maria Rooney, who claimed to have been “discriminated against and victimised” by her employer, Leicester City Council, due to the severe effects of her symptoms (i.e., she took lots of time off with stress). Her wider case still awaits final closure, but judges have already ruled that, for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010, being menopausal can count as having an official ‘disability’, just so long as the symptoms can be shown to “have a long-term and substantial impact on a woman’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities” for 12 months or more.

The EHRC backed Rooney’s case, as well it might, considering the quango’s ultimate bosses in Whitehall seem equally obsessed with the various life-phases of the female menstrual cycle. The country may be falling to bits, with Islamists owning the streets, the national debt spiralling out of control, our nuclear missiles mis-firing and our national borders non-existent, but still the Government somehow has the time and money available to set up a “U.K. Menopause Taskforce” and appoint a “Menopause Employment Champion” to encourage (or, more likely, force) major firms to do more to pander towards their more litigious-minded 50-plus female staff-members.

Women’s Lib-tards

Various female, human-identifying MPs rushed out to add their shrill voices of agreement to the EHRC guidelines, from all sides of the House – a great example of the Uniparty in action! According to someone called Mims Davies, who would appear to be His Majesty’s Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, such measures are somehow “vital for the growth of our economy”, as otherwise all women in their 40s and 50s will immediately flee the British workforce in severe hormonal distress, or something. Perhaps this would not be quite such a bad thing, as such a scenario would also flush 51-year-old Caroline Nokes MP out of employment.

The current Women and Equalities Committee Chair, Nokes may pose as a Conservative politician, but is clearly a Blairite right down to her very last remaining gamete, spouting out dead-eyed post-1997 mandarinese upon the topic like the following:

I hope this guidance helps – we know too many women are forced out of work due to challenging menopause symptoms. Of course the menopause is not a disability and should not be seen as that, rather something that will pass with the right support and medication.

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