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MK Ultra Luna Programming And Presidential Models by Richard Willett

All Programming must be update, as is the case with MK ULTRA Mind Control – Richard Willett

I recently released an article where I discuss the symbology of Epstein Survivors who were all using the Blue Butterfly symbol in one way or another.

Further research brought up two options for what this symbol might mean within this context. One would be a Kabbalist symbol representing Lilith who was the female aspect of Satan, alongside her male counterpart Samael. The second option could be the Greek Goddess ‘Psyche’ or ‘Psyche’ in its Roman version, pictured below.

Lilith is said to have been a Butterly-like demon who transformed/Shape-shifted into a blue butterfly that was associated with power of seduction. This would make sense if it was a symbol for mind control programming of Epstein victims. Lilith is also believed to be the snake wound around the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil by some Kabbalist’ who also regard the this tree as the tree of death.

Juliette Bryant explained to me in an interview for Classified on that she believed it to be a representation of Psyche. Psyche is a Greek Goddess of the soul who is often represented as a beautiful women with butterfly wings.

Psyche was born a mortal woman who was eventually granted immortality. This would also fit in with the Transhumanist agenda. An agenda that I personally believe a select few of these young ladies to have been unwitting victims of whilst staying at Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

This is a ranch at which Juliette says she woke up one night, naked and paralysed on an operating table.

Could it be both?

Perhaps these programmes have both a negative and a positive charge, that can be tapped into at will by the abuser who holds the trigger codes? or perhaps the decoder (abuser) can access previous operating systems if they need to access them ?

System Update

I wanted to put this information and theory to someone who has decades of experience with government mind control programmes. So I turned to Stewart Swerdlow who’s been speaking out against such experiments (in time) as the Montauk Project for decades, after being inducted into the programme as a child. His grandfather was the first leader of the Soviet Union Yakov Sverdlov .


The Dream

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