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Unravelling Bill Gates’ global web of influence

As a result of his vast wealth both “Bill Gates & the Gates Foundation directly & aggressively seek to influence any field he chooses. “There are few people on Earth richer or more influential than Bill Gates. For many years, the former Microsoft CEO was the planet’s most wealthy individual and used his power to corner and monopolise as much of the tech industry as he could. From there, Gates has moved to become perhaps the most powerful man in global health, agriculture and education.” says senior writer of the MintPress, Alan MacLeod.

And yet,’ MacLeod continues, “for all of his power and prestige, Gates is rarely scrutinised in our media. The Seattle native has been careful to cultivate an image of a well-meaning nerd who uses his wealth for good.

Alan MacLeod helps to rectify this and explores the Gates influence in an interview with author of the forensic expose of the Gates Foundation ‘The Bill Gates Problem, Reckoning with the Myth of the Good Billionaire’ Tim Schwab.

Together, investigative journalists, Schwab and MacLeod discuss the Gates ‘origin story’ – ‘how he uses his enormous wealth to negatively influence public health and education policy, his connections to disgraced child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, and to ponder whether there is ever such a thing as a good billionaire.”

The following piece was featured by Alan MacLeod in MintPress News and republished below, followed by the video recording of the interview.

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