Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 February 2024

EVs being forced on drivers, says Sir Jim Ratcliffe – as he unveils electric 4×4

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has accused British and European governments of forcing electric cars “down the consumer’s throat”, as he prepares to sell a new battery-powered 4×4 that will have a backup petrol engine.

Speaking at an event in London, the billionaire behind Ineos and Manchester United warned electric vehicles (EVs) still have major drawbacks and argued carmakers should not be forced to sell them exclusively.

Sir Jim added that current European regulations effectively force companies like his to develop EVs, adding that they “can’t survive” without launching one.

He said it should be up to motorists to decide which technology triumphs, adding that continuing innovation in Formula 1 was proof that the internal combustion engine was “not at the end of the road yet”.

The 71-year-old, who is Britain’s second-richest person, told a press conference: “Europe is saying ‘You’ll all drive in electric vehicles and we’ll can the combustion engine’, whereas America is saying… ‘there probably isn’t one solution for all purposes’.

“I think ultimately, they can’t force a solution down the consumer’s throat that the consumer rejects. They need to find a solution which is acceptable to people.”

“I think the consumer should have a choice. And it’s clear at the moment that consumers are speaking with their feet, aren’t they? They’re not buying electric cars.”

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