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Carbon Dioxide Climate Hoax: The Big Reveal

Among the most visible geopolitical controversies of our age is planetary climate. The idea goes that earth’s temperature is rising, that this rise is becoming catastrophic, that its cause is manmade carbon emissions, and that only reductions in those emissions will save the planet and, by extension, humanity. But is any of this true? The American Geopolitical Institute will be exploring these questions through the eyes of our lead investigator, Dr. Lewis Coleman. In his initial article, Dr. Coleman takes a hard look at the much-maligned atmospheric gas, CO2.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most misunderstood of all atmospheric gases, but also the most interesting. It is benign, beneficial, and essential for both plant and animal life, but it is vociferously vilified as toxic waste, like urine, that must be expelled from the body by breathing, and as a “greenhouse gas” that threatens human existence with excessive heat and melted polar ice.

Given overwhelming evidence to the contrary, these fractured fairy tales are flabbergasting. They can only be explained by prevailing ignorance plus the power, politics, privilege, and persuasion that perpetually prevails and perturbs human endeavor and prevents progress.1

CO2 is essential for life on the earth’s surface. Multicellular plants convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates for food and cellulose for structural support. In multicellular vertebrates, carbon dioxide is as essential as oxygen, because it enables the mechanism of oxygen transport and delivery that captures oxygen from the atmosphere (or water) and delivers it to cells deep within the body.2

CO2 is also the major component of hydroxyapatite, which forms bone. The human body contains some 20 liters of gaseous carbon dioxide that is mostly dissolved in bodily fluids, as compared to 1 L of nitrogen and 1 L of oxygen. The CO2 leaks from the skin and equilibrates with atmospheric CO2, which slowly fluctuates over eons within a narrow range. Respiratory drive mechanisms adapt to this equilibrium and stimulate breathing to sustain it.

If CO2 was a narcotic, we would all be drunk, and if it were toxic, we would all be dead. Instead, CO2 has powerful therapeutic properties that were revealed by medical research at the turn of the 20th century. This is because breathing or bathing in CO2 stimulates respiratory drive, reduces microvascular flow resistance, speeds the transport of oxygenated blood from the lungs to organs and tissues, and releases oxygen from blood into tissues.2

Carbon dioxide is one of the most beneficial substances on planet earth. Why then do the madmen who control society want to get rid of it?

It wasn’t always this way.

A century ago, the nurse-anesthetists who dominated anesthesia service in operating rooms after WWI embraced physician research and supplemented ether anesthesia with morphine analgesia to prevent harmful nervous activity induced by surgery.1 They also supplemented ether with carbon dioxide to speed anesthetic induction and emergence; counteract morphine respiratory depression; optimize cardiorespiratory function, tissue oxygenation, and organ protection; and prevent heart attacks, strokes, atelectasis, pneumonia, nausea, vomiting, and unexpected postoperative respiratory arrest.

The success of these heroic nurses inspired physicians to use Carbogen, a therapeutic mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide in pressurized tanks, to treat strokes, heart attacks, drowning, alcohol inebriation, drug overdose, asthma, pneumonia, smoke inhalation, cardiopulmonary arrest, and bacterial infections, and to assist newborn babies with breathing problems. Soon Carbogen became standard equipment on fire trucks in major cities, and it saved countless lives. All this came close to revolutionizing medicine in the 1930s.3

Carbogen has largely been forgotten, though with today’s modern machines, monitors, and medications it could be more useful than ever. For example, it could cure or facilitate the treatment of interstitial cystitis, ulcerative colitis, regional enteritis, rheumatoid diseases, cancer, heart disease, and life-threatening critical illnesses such as eclampsia and multi-organ failure syndrome. CO2 remains FDA-approved, but its therapeutic properties and even the mechanism of oxygen transport and delivery have been banished from medical literature and awareness, so it is almost never used anymore.

What happened was that, disastrously, organized medicine became envious of the success of the nurse-anesthetists and conspired to control this profitable medical specialty.4 In 1897 Dr. Charles Bardeen, the son of a New York publishing magnate, became the first graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School. He was immediately appointed as a professor of anatomy at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and then elevated to the position of Dean in 1907.

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