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Survey of embalmers shows how many are finding rubbery clots; “the science” will never cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors

Former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland surveyed embalmers in 2022 about unusual clots being found in the bodies of vaccinated deceased.  Haviland did a second survey for 2023.

While reviewing and commenting on the latest survey results, A Midwestern Doctor gives possible mechanisms for how these clots are forming and discusses why corporate media and “the science” remain silent.

“Given how many people are seeing these clots and how much concern still exists about them, it is remarkable that our entire scientific apparatus has blacklisted any research being conducted on it,” A Midwestern Doctor writes.

And much like corporate media, “the scientific press … will never cover stories which threaten the pharmaceutical sponsors who fund the medical journals.”

In November 2022, A Midwestern Doctor (“AMD”) published an article discussing the inexplicable blood clots being found within the vaccinated by embalmers across the world.  These blood clots attracted the public’s attention because their long elastic quality was very different from what was typically observed within the body.

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In December 2022,  Ryan Cole provided proof on The Highwire that these clots do exist and discussed exactly what was within them.

One of the most comprehensive videos AMD has seen on this topic was a Peak Podcast where host Chris Martenson interviewed embalmers and discussed the results of a survey that was sent out to 30 state funeral directors and embalmer associations across the USA, as well as approximately 800 funeral homes.

The survey was conducted by former Air Force Major Thomas Haviland.  He lost his lucrative defence contracting job in 2021 for refusing the mandated vaccine. Haviland then set out to verify the claims of unusual clots by surveying embalmers globally on what they were witnessing in their work so he could quantify how widespread this phenomenon had become.

Last week, Richard Hirschmann, the embalmer who played a pivotal role in bringing the public’s attention to these clots, shared a video on Twitter.  His tweet is being censored and cannot be viewed outside of Twitter.  Twitter has labelled it as “age-restricted adult content” and to view it, users are required to add a birthdate to their profile if they haven’t already done so.  However, in an article published yesterday in a follow-up to the November 2022 article, AMD has embedded the video that accompanied Hirschmann’s tweet.

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