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Do Pokémon, Beetles and Rocking Horses Really Have a ‘Right to Privacy’?

I can’t pretend to be much of an animal-lover myself personally, but I do fully recognise that our fellow creatures on this planet should not be needlessly mistreated. Discouraging impressionable young children from poisoning badgers, incinerating budgerigars, drowning fish or drop-kicking hamsters over rugby-posts is, of course, a universal public good. But what about henceforth forbidding them from riding horses, too? Well, you could make a decent fist of saying the practice is physically abusive, and so ought not to be encouraged, I suppose. But what about if the horses junior jockeys are riding are wooden? What then?

According to PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals), even this previously innocent-seeming action is now profoundly morally deviant. The prominent animal rights charity has just launched an international campaign of writing off to circus and fairground operators, ordering them to remove all the wooden horses from their carousels and merry-go-rounds in order to end the currently ongoing global equine genocide.

Addressing Aaron Landrum, CEO of Chance Rides, America’s largest merry-go-round manufacturer, PETA argued wooden carousel horses “normalise the use of animals as conveyances and amusements”, suggesting they replace all their old steeds with new ones “in the shape of cars, airplanes, spaceships, bulldozers and other vehicles or whimsical designs, like shooting stars, rainbows [of course!], or brooms”. As is well known, “children learn through play”, and by letting children play at being jockeys at the funfair, they learn that animals are mere toys to be played with by their future adult selves, too, a vicious cycle which ought to be broken to “help create a more just and merciful world”.

PETA wrote off to wooden horse-exploiters in Holland, too, prompting the following dismissive response from Atze J. Lubach-Koers, Chairman of the Dutch National Association of Fairground Owners: “Maybe we should tell PETA that the horses aren’t alive.”

For PETA’s Sake!

In actuality, PETA does not believe that carousel horses are alive at all – but it also knows full well that this isn’t the way in which corrupt journalists such as myself will most likely phrase the matter in their headlines, in search of easy clicks. Even a staid outlet like the Times went with the suggestively misleading ‘Activists ride to rescue of carousel horses’.

A cynic might guess that PETA, in search of free easy publicity, has an entire PR department devoted towards designing deliberately daft campaigns, in the full knowledge dupes like me will then go straight online and begin writing about them: in which case, well done, mission accomplished! Ridiculous past efforts from PETA have included its 2009 plea to rebrand fish as ‘sea kittens‘, to make them seem cuter and cuddlier and thus bring a complete halt to the pastime of angling, a stupid 2012 stunt requesting Nottingham be rechristened ‘Not-Eating-Ham’, and (a little more serious) its irresponsible 2014 poster-campaign dubiously implying drinking milk causes autism, which it doesn’t.

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