Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 February 2024

What you will see here are unimaginable tales of horror. Let me warn you of that from the start. But if you want to truly know the mentality that is running the world then here it is

I have been researching and exposing this since the mid-1990s and naming many of the famous names involved. These are the people controlling global institutions, initiating the ‘Covid’ and ‘climate’ hoaxes, the fake vaccine, and driving the world to AI dystopia.

Watch this, hard as it is, and you will have no problem understanding how tens of thousands of Palestinians – so many of them children – can be bombed to destruction. Or how the world wars could be so coldly and cruelly manipulated.

To these crazies, wars and slaughter of the innocent are but mass human sacrifice rituals.

You will shake your head at the idea, too, that multi-billionaires can be ‘independent’ because they are so rich. Who do you think allows them to be that rich?

The Blood Cult II – 111 Victims, 50 Witnesses, 50 Perpetrators (by Lois Sasek)
Child sacrifices for Baal and Moloch – an ancient luciferian cult clings to our earth like a cancer until today. 100s of victims and witnesses break the silence despite massive threats from the perpetrators. Independently of each other, they all testify to the same thing worldwide: an elite perpetrator network, which reaches into all essential areas of life and especially the judiciary, so that the crimes are not punished. “The Blood Sect II” is a continuation of the documentary film Kla.TV aired a year ago. Here you see more victims and witnesses who speak about the exceedingly cruel crimes. There is only ONE way for the survivors to stop these atrocities: Everyone must know! They beg us to CRY OUT for the victims!

Read More: The Blood Cult II – 111 Victims, 50 Witnesses, 50 Perpetrators (by Lois Sasek)

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