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Facial recognition, scanning a loyalty card and using a touchscreen: The steps Sainsbury’s shoppers could face to buy bottles of alcohol as the store trials new AI security cabinets

Sainsbury’s is trialling new AI security cabinets to help prevent shoplifting in alcohol aisles.

The new technology, Freedom Case, is produced by Indyme and is a locked self-service cabinet.

It is the latest bid to tackle an epidemic of shoplifting and thefts that have plagued supermarkets throughout the UK.

So far it has only been put in place in a small number of stores including one in St Albans but if it proves successful it could be rolled out further.

The case holds high-price spirits and customers are required to complete a touchscreen process to open the shelf.

Essentially the process in place now is similar to a glorified doorbell, where shoppers touch a screen, which is answered by security and the cabinet opens.

But Indyme says the fully functional unit uses AI and built in sensors to identify potential thefts by tracking activity like how long the door has been opened and if anything inside has been moved.

Sara Chitseko, Programme Manager at privacy campaigners Open Rights Group warned: ‘This trial treats all shoppers as potential criminals, a tactic that may backfire for Sainsbury’s.

‘Once this intrusive technology is in place what is to stop supermarkets from profiling their customers and potentially using their data for financial gain.’

The one on trial at Sainsbury’s currently does not require any customer information, data or a loyalty card.

An ‘Active Deterrence’ system can be triggered if the tech notices suspicious activity, according to Indyme.

The cabinet can work in different ways depending on the version chosen by the retailer.

Customers could be required to present their loyalty card for the store to access the shelf.

Other options include using a mobile number to be sent an access code, or a facial recognition system.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: ‘The version we are trialling does not require any customer information, data, or loyalty card.’

The supermarket chain is trying out the new security tech in a few stores including one in St Albans.

To access the premium alcohol in the St Albans shop on Everard Close, a small touchscreen device must be operated which connects customers to an automated security check.

Customer Anne Banks, 67, said: ‘It seems unnecessarily complicated doesn’t it?

‘If someone’s going to steal a bottle of vodka they’re not going to nick the expensive stuff anyway when there’s plenty of the cheaper bottles lying around.

‘I don’t like anything that makes me feel people are checking up on me, and so I’ll avoid using these things when I can.’

The tech is being brought in an attempt to tackle theft in stores as Britain faces a shoplifting epidemic.

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