Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 23 February 2024

As things stand, this Cult-owned Trilateral Commission member is going to be the next prime minister

The true depth of what that means for freedom in this country will not have sunk in for most people who will vote for him only because ‘the Tories are appalling’.

Yes, they are, but this guy is another level of both inanity and Cult compliance. Whatever the Tory fascist ‘Covid’ impositions, Starmer always demanded even worse.

It would be far more instructive to ask why we have the political ‘choice’ between two moronic masks on the same Cult face? To ask how we have fallen for a system that no matter if you vote for party A and then Party B and then Party A again nothing changes except it gets worse. The official colour of the government may change, but not what it does.

Politics and voting is only a way to kid us we have a ‘choice’ of government and to avoid this question: Why do more than 67 million people allow a handful of clowns serving psychopaths to run the country and dictate our lives in perpetuity?

It is only possible through childlike compliance and divide and rule. ‘I’m Labour’, ‘I’m Tory’, they cry, when they’re all slaves to the system they blindly serve generation after generation.

The Dream

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