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US Veto Yet Another Security Council Resolution Calling For Humanitarian Gaza Ceasefire

The United States has vetoed yet another Security Council Resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire on Tuesday for the third time with Israel continuing to bombard the territory as concern grew about the growing humanitarian crisis. While 13 countries voted in favour of the resolution that was proposed by Algeria, the United Kingdom abstained and the United States of America voted against it.

Israel – American Arrogance
“The American veto in the UN Security Council against the ceasefire resolution, for the third time straight, once again proves its failure and incapacity. The entire international community is held hostage to Israel-American arrogance. The US insistence on supporting Israel and Zionism politically and militarily reveals the falsity of its claims and statements regarding the war.” Says, Misra Amaresh a historian, author, and political analyst.

Continuing “It insists on being a partner until the end for Netanyahu and the extremist right in the genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza.” and she calls on “all the living and resisting to put pressure on America, the head of global terrorism until the United States stops its support for the killing of innocent people in Gaza.”Source

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