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Matt Le Tissier claims ‘people are hiding all sorts of information about footballers collapsing’ as he restarts Covid vaccine conspiracy campaign on Joey Barton’s podcast

Former England and Southampton striker Matt Le Tissier has accused authority figures of hiding information about potential links between the Covid vaccine and footballers collapsing on the pitch during an appearance on Joey Barton’s new podcast.

Le Tissier has repeatedly pedalled conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccine over the past three years, and previously claimed that the jab may have caused more incidents of footballers collapsing due to suffering with heart problems.

He gave a passionate speech at a gala dinner in Leeds in September where he declared that he was carrying out research into the collapses, and speaking on Barton’s podcast he stated that his efforts had not been helped due to others withholding key data.

‘We are still trying to dig down to get the actual numbers. It’s really difficult, people are hiding all sorts of information,’ he said on the Common Sense With Joey Bartonpodcast.

‘I’ve always said, just going from my experiences, I’ve lived on this planet a long time and watched a lot of sport and I just knew I’d never seen young, fit, healthy sportspeople collapsing at the rates they’ve been collapsing over the last couple of years, and I knew that something was wrong and I felt like I needed to say something about it.

‘I couldn’t just sit there and keep watching the telly, it wasn’t just football either, lots of sportspeople were having heart problems and it was just ridiculous. It was just a massive elephant in the room that nobody would talk about.

‘And I felt like somebody had to say something. Obviously I’ve got a little bit of a profile, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.’

Barton – who has sparked controversy in recent months with his views on women working in men’s football – suggested Le Tissier’s refusal to back down when questioning authority could be put down to sheer stubbornness.

Le Tissier, 55, agreed with this, as he hit out at the government’s handling of Covid.

‘I don’t think it’s [stubbornness] a particularly bad trait, especially when you’re fighting against corrupt organisations, and that’s what I believe our government are,’ Le Tissier added.

This is not the first time that Le Tissier has blamed corruption for global issues, as he has also slammed high-profile individuals and the media in recent years.

Le Tissier blasted David Beckham for having his photo taken with Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates during a conversation with former footballer David Cotterill on a podcast last year.

Le Tissier has regularly criticised Gates, questioning his involvement in the Covid vaccine.

Back in 2021, he appeared to imply that Gates could be linked to the death of Tanzania president John Magafuli.

Magafuli died in March 2021 of reported heart complications just days after the country’s Prime Minister had declared he was ‘healthy and working hard’.

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