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Huge concerns over Coventry solar farm plans as farmer says he will lose his business “overnight”

Huge concerns have been raised over Coventry council’s plans for a large solar farm on fields by people’s homes. A farmer says he will lose his business if it goes ahead and groups set up to protect countryside have hit out over building on green belt land.

Fears over the negative impact on residents from the panels have also been raised and the plans sent in last year sparked an outcry among locals. Dozens of people have lodged objections and almost 250 signed a petition against the scheme which councillors will vote on next week (29 February.)

The council which owns the land off Lentons Lane wants to put 65,000 panels, equipment including 13 inverters and cabling on the fields. If approved the solar farm would be in place for 40 years and generate 30 MW of electricity on a summer’s day, plans claim.


Huge Coventry solar farm plans on green belt land set to be approved

Plans lodged for huge solar farm on outskirts of Coventry

But both Rugby and Coventry planning officers have recommended the farm gets the go-ahead. A report for a meeting in Coventry next week admitted the farm will cause harm to the greenbelt and the area’s landscape but said the benefits of the renewable energy would outweigh this.

Farmer faces losing business “overnight”

Edward Dewes has been a tenant of Lentons Lane Farm since 1967. He told the council the plans would make his 56-year-old business unviable as he’d lose 105 acres of land and it would leave his home surrounded by solar panels.

“If planning is approved, my business will be extinguished overnight as the development requires virtually the whole farm, ” he wrote in a letter of objection. He also hit out at claims that the scheme would be compatible with farming and land could be returned for this use in four decades’ time, and pointed out 32% of it is within the “best and most versatile” land class.

Mr Dewes called the idea that sheep can graze under the panels a “fiction” as he said a lack of sunlight will cause “negligible” grass production. The soil structure will also be damaged by the development due to the lack of sunlight and waterlogging from rainfall dripping off panels, he told the council.

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