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The Great Kabbalah Reset – What They Truly Believe by Richard Willett

The more I dig into occult Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism the more apparent and glaringly obvious it becomes that the likes of the World Economic Forum are a mere shopfront for a far deeper and frankly more disturbing occult belief that literally has it’s Roots in an occult interpretation the mystical Kabbalah.

This interpretation of the Kabbalah goes behind Hollywood/Commercial Kabbalah which functions to get people through the door and feel them out, in order to see how far down the Tree of Life or up the Tree of Death they are willing to go.

It seems the beliefs held by the likes of Isaac Luria may go back to the Ancient Assyrians and their own “Tree of Life” as depicted below.

Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi(Hebrew: יִצְחָק בן שלמה לוּרְיָא אשכנזי; c. 1534[1] – July 25, 1572[2]), commonly known in Jewish religious circles as Ha’ari[a], Ha’ari Hakadosh[b] or Arizal,[c] was a leading rabbi and Jewish mystic in the community of Safed in the Galilee region of Ottoman Syria, now Israel. He is considered the father of contemporary Kabbalah,[5] his teachings being referred to as Lurianic Kabbalah.

If you are still questioning if this mystical madness has any relevance today, then let us look at this little bit of modern mayhem.

I Have a Blue House With A Blue Window

Recently we saw the outbreak of “Wildfires” in Chile which reportedly happen every year, though these fires were said to have been unprecedented by the mainstream media, with at least 130 people losing their lives and many more still missing as of this writing.

What was bizarre in this case was the reporting of the use of Direct Energy Weapons or DEW, by the alternative media. This theory came about due to the fact that the fires appear to have been targeted and did not spread as they would have done naturally.

As per usual the Mainstream Media and Cult owned “Fact Checkers” knew for certain this wasn’t true, and weaponised this theory to call everyone a “Climate Change Denier” without actually knowing that the Climate Change scam is one of the least convincing scams rolled out by the Club of Rome and the Round Table.

In the context of this article though, this became more interesting to me when rumours began that anything coloured Blue was not hit by these DEW’s. It was as if they had some sort of cloaking or protective shielding provided by the colour blue that cancelled out the blue beams of the DEW.

Researchers gave examples of this such as the home of Oprah Winfrey (Kabbalist and Good Club member) which apparently was miraculously untouched.

As soon as anyone mentions Oprah Winfrey then I know something is up. Oprah is a Cult asset to her core as well as a close friend of Harvey Weinstein and John of God. She is also deeply dipped in Occult Kabbalah.

The image below is a drone shot of Oprah’s plush home in Chile with its blue roofing.

What I did not know until my friend and fellow researcher Christopher Jon Bjerknes pointed it out, is that this blue IS seen as protection but only in occult Kabbalah and more crucially only for those in the Kabbalah Club.

This is why Isaac Luria’s own grave is painted ocean Blue as can be seen below.

Other examples of Occult Kabbalists trying to protect themselves with the blue robe of Shekhinah (Female aspect of the Jewish God Head alongside the male Yahweh) can be seen below.

Epstein Island
An aerial view of Columbia University. Manhattan, New York City.

This proves to me that a Kabbalist Cult is very much alive and kicking, especially in the theatre of Geopolitics.

We know Netanyahu is a Kabbalist in cahoots with Lurianic Kabbalist Chabad Lubavitch (HQ Crown Heights not far from Columbia University) as are Putin, Trump, RFK Jnr, Zelensky, Alan Dershowitz and Milei.

Below we see all of these leading names in world politics taking a stand with the real Men in Black from Brooklyn Crown Heights. I would suggest that they are a level of control a rung above the here today gone tomorrow politicians.

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