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Super Bowl 2024 Was a Circus Involving a Clown Wearing an Inverted Cross

Super Bowl 2024 was the most watched telecast of all time and an enormous number of viewers tuned in specifically for Taylor Swift. And she spent most of the time hanging out with an industry plant wearing a huge inverted cross. And that was only the start of the freak show. Here’s a look at the weirdness that surrounded Super Bowl 2024.

Considering that Patrick Mahomes was the MVP of this year’s Super Bowl, one would assume that he would have gotten the most love and attention after the game, right? Wrong.

The player who got the most love and attention – Travis Kelce – made the game’s highlights for … shoving and yelling at his elderly coach.

That doesn’t sound right.

But that’s what happened. Why? Two words: Taylor Swift. Yup, coach-shoving Travis Kelce is going out with Taylor Swift. This instantly made him a household name and a major celebrity around the world. And, after months of excessive media hype, Kelce and Swift made it to the Super Bowl. Consequently, a great number of viewers tuned in solely to see how that romance would play out during this mega-event.

And, boy did it play out perfectly: After a suspenseful game, Kelce’s Chiefs scored a touchdown with three seconds remaining in overtime, making them Super Bowl champions. Then, Taylor Swift appeared on the field and kissed Travis Kelce – the moment cameras from around the world were fiending for.

The word across the industry is that Ice Spice is an industry plant. And she was definitely “planted” next to Taylor Swift that day. The goal: To have a big fat Satanic cross broadcast in living rooms across the world.

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