Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 February 2024

Norman Piezianek claims gain-of-function doesn’t exist; a little bit of digging suggests why

The CDC sent biological weapons to Iraq in 1989 to create a heinous war on a staged pretext. Somebody doesn’t want us to talk about it – so we need to talk about it.

Norman Piezianek has been doing the rounds within the freedom movement claiming that gain-of-function does not exist.  Another term for gain-of-function is the development of biological weapons.

Before we take Piezianek’s word for it, we should dig into his background.  This is something Dr. Ah Kahn Syed has done, exposing what Piezianek knows but is not telling us.

Why would someone burst onto the scene and claim “the existence of biological weapons] works for the public who believes that biological weapons can be made – and they cannot”?

“Because those pesky Twitter and Substack researchers talking about biological weapons research were really getting on the nerves of the biological weapons researchers. And therefore, chaos was needed to break them up,” Arkmedic writes.  So, Piezianek enters onto the stage.

The intelligence agencies wanting to break up dissident groups is not some sort of “conspiracy theory,” neither is it a new tactic.

Those of you paying attention to Twitter and Substack over the last few weeks should have noticed a few strange things happening. Rather than going into the detail, there is a common theme, which is that people in the “medical freedom movement” seem to be all fighting each other.

It’s not organic of course, but simply reflects the reality that the intelligence community and its tentacle agencies run chaos agents to break up any groups gaining traction in highlighting corruption, criminal activity and war crimes committed in the biological sciences.

(Yes, war crimes. Don’t worry we’ll come to that.)

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