Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 February 2024

Has the Health Freedom Movement become the MAM in Medicine? MAM is the Mainstream Alternative Media, a term coined by David Icke

In many areas there has been an establishment arena such as mainstream media, mainstream medicine, mainstream history, mainstream education and so on and then there came small groups of alternative media, alternative medicine, alternative history researchers, alternative education systems who were constantly being battled by their mainstream counterparts and called fringe, conspiracy theorists, quacks and other unsavory names. Now that many people have lost confidence in mainstream everything and are turning to the alternatives, the ones who are controlling the mainstream are taking over parts of the alternative arenas surreptitiously. They can dupe some of the people in the alternative, co-opt others with money and fame, possibly even with blackmail. David Icke has been laying out what was happening to parts of the alternative media and I can see it in the alternative medicine arena as well.

As an example, the mainstream media has been leaking viewers and readers like a sieve with giant holes these past three years because it became clear to many people that they have been lied to outrageously and repeatedly on important issues such as “the vaccines are safe and effective, masks work”, the Covid death statistics, the Ukraine war and much more. Therefore, the control of the population’s perceptions has been slipping out of their hands. Many people have turned to the alternative media to get to the truth of what was happening. The past year though some alternative news channels and podcasts suddenly seemed to be promoting people such as “the dream team” while ignoring others who have been in this for many more years, even decades. Some of the promoted people are Russell Brand, Andrew Tate, Bret Weinstein and others. Their promoters are Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan Elon Musk through X/Twitter and more recently, Infowars I’m sorry to say. We seriously need to question the motives of Elon Musk buying Twitter and installing a WEF affiliated CEO to run it. We need to question the motives of Joe Rogan to invite and promote certain people who have barely done any research and fell for the Covid hoax hook, line and sinker, but not others who know much more about the subject as they have been researching it for over three decades. We need to ask the question why he will also be streamed on YouTube of all channels!

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