Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 February 2024

Grassroots Police Fight Back Against Woke Trans Policies

Serving officers have established a gender-critical network to challenge self-ID policies they believe undermine public confidence and the law. The Mail has more.

The serving officers have launched the Police Sex Equality and Equity Network, accusing the service of “actions that embed gender ideology” within forces nationwide.

They called on bodies representing both rank and file officers, as well as chief constables, to recognise lobby groups and activists within policing in England and Wales had created a “culture of fear” among those holding gender-critical views.

The group said by focusing on gender issues, police forces risked undermining public confidence.

‘Police SEEN’ have said the group intends to emulate the civil service network, which was established “to re-focus attention on improving equality and equity between women and men”.

The group said in a statement: “Police SEEN warns that the influence of lobby groups and activists within U.K. policing has created a culture of fear which prevents officers and staff who believe there are two sexes and that sex is real and immutable, from speaking out, for fear of disciplinary action.

“They believe a formal internal network is desperately needed, not only to provide a voice and support for those who want to ensure the law is upheld, but also to restore political impartiality to policing.”

Examples cited by the group of gender ideology in the police service include recent guidance that would allow trans-officers to strip search people of the opposite biological sex.

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