Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 February 2024

Is vaccine shedding possible? Over 1,000 reports say it’s real and it’s happening

An analysis of over 1,000 reports of covid vaccine shedding reveals that the most common symptoms, by far, are gynaecological.

Outside of menstrual abnormalities, the most commonly reported symptoms include headaches, tinnitus, nosebleeds, bruising, dizziness, skin rashes and reactivation of latent conditions such as shingles.

The analysis also revealed that there are varying degrees of susceptibility to the effects of vaccine-shedding, different routes of exposure, different timings of the onset of symptoms after exposure and that young and healthy people tend to shed more frequently than the elderly.

In early 2022, A Midwestern Doctor (“AMD”) had personally come across a few compelling cases of menstrual-related vaccine-shedding injuries which were very difficult to ascribe to anything else.  At the time the idea of vaccine shedding seemed to be a “radical idea.”

The world has changed a lot since that time, AMD wrote. “I believe the reality of ‘shedding injuries’ now has a similar degree of acceptance to what covid-19 vaccine injuries had two years ago.”

Adding, “I regret that it’s taken this long to get to this point and I feel really bad for the people who are suffering from this (e.g., a few of my patients), as it’s almost inevitable healthcare professionals will assume they are crazy and gaslight them about shedding.”

Covid vaccine shedding – becoming ill from vaccinated people – represents the one way the unvaccinated are also at risk from “vaccines” and hence still need to be directly concerned about them.

Speaking about vaccine shedding can be difficult for scientists and medical professionals because the topic runs the risk of causing division within the “freedom movement.”  Resentful unvaccinated members of the public who have been subjected to vitriol can easily turn to using cutting comparisons such as “pure blood” versus “the vaccinated.”   Another reason that makes vaccine shedding difficult to openly discuss is the risk of causing fear.

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