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FBI Informant Charged With Lying About Biden Bribes

An FBI informant has been charged with falsely claiming to his handlers that US President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, took a multimillion-dollar bribe from a Ukrainian energy firm. The informant’s claims came amid a torrent of corruption allegations against the Bidens.

The informant, Alexander Smirnov, told FBI agents in 2020 that Hunter and Joe Biden received $5 million each from Burisma Holdings for “protection” while Joe Biden was serving as US vice president and Hunter was sitting on the firm’s board. Smirnov claimed that he learned this information from a phone call with Burisma’s owner.

Smirnov’s allegations were relayed to Republican lawmakers last May, and helped bolster the GOP’s ongoing impeachment inquiry against the president.

Federal prosecutors argue that the claims were “fabrications,” and Smirnov was charged on Thursday with making a false statement and creating a fictitious record. He appeared in court in Las Vegas after the indictment against him was unsealed, and declined to enter a plea.

In a press release, the US Justice Department described Smirnov’s business contacts with Burisma as “routine and unextraordinary,” and that he made his bribery allegations “after expressing bias against” Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020.

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