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The New World Order Crisis: “The Reproduction of Real Life”. Food, Water and Fuel –Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy.

By Michel Chossudovsky

Introductory Note and Update

The scale and complexity of the 2020-2024 Global Economic and Social Crisis far surpasses all previous “depressions” including the 2007-2009 Recession which was categorized as the most serious economic meltdown since the Great Depression of 1929. 

We are currently at the crossroads of the Most Serious Economic and Social Crisis in World History.  It is an outright war against all humanity: the Planet’s 8 billion people. 

The current global crisis (2020-2024) –which is ongoing– has literally disrupted and destroyed people’s lives Worldwide in the course of the last four years.

Everything is interrelated: 

  • The Covid pandemic, the Lockdown, the mRNA vaccine,
  • The relentless destabilization of the global economy resulting in mass poverty, famines,
  • The destabilization of the Nation State, the destruction of democracy,
  • The war in Ukraine,
  • The war in the Middle East, the Israel-US attack against the People of Palestine,
  • Economic warfare against the European Union (EU),
  • The engineered collapse of production,
  • The hikes in the prices of energy and food,
  • Financial fraud, corrupt governments,
  • Media disinformation and propaganda ,
  • The demise of international diplomacy,
  • The criminalization of international law,
  • The threat of nuclear war.

The focus of the article below (written at the height of the 2007-2009 Economic Crisis) is on 

“Food, Water and Fuel. Three Fundamental Necessities of Life in Jeopardy”.

Needless to say, these concepts have a direct bearing on our understanding of the ongoing 2020-2024 Economic and Social Crisis.

Access to Food, Water and Energy pertains to the “Reproduction of Real Life” which is the very basis of human civilization.

“Reproduction of Real Life” is not limited to “Basic Human Needs” (e.g. privatization of water, reproduction of the agricultural cycle). It also pertains to the concurrent reproduction of the institutions of civil society including schools and universities, science, knowledge, social and family relations, the structures of the nation state, justice, culture, history, international relations, all of which are currently in jeopardy. 

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