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Oxford academic argues invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans

  • Dr Chi claims that aliens share our biosphere and are acting to overcome the effects of climate change.
  • Dr Chi outlined his views in a 2012 lecture and has since written a book.
  • In April 2018, Dr Chi approached The Oxford Union to propose a debate on the subject. The proposal was not accepted.

The Oxford Student has learnt that Dr Young-hae Chi, instructor in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes in a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

In 2012, Dr Chi gave a lecture at the the Ammach Conference, titled ‘Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis’ in which he outlined his theory concerning the presence of aliens on earth. 

Dr Chi began his lecture with the statement that “perhaps human civilisation is coming to an end”.  

In his fifty-five minute presentation he cited Dr David Jacobs, an ‘abduction researcher’ in the US, who argued that aliens’ primary purpose is to colonise the earth, by interbreeding with humans to produce a new hybrid species. Second generation ‘hybrids’ are, according to Jacobs, walking unobserved among us.

Dr Chi argued that “it is not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”.

He pointed out that the timing of aliens’ appearance coincides with the earth facing major problems, climate change and nuclear weapons in particular. 

He concludes that “it may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation”.

He went on to argue that if we act now on climate change, “not only can we save ourselves, but also prove aliens wrong in their judgement of our moral capacity”.

In April 2018, Dr Chi approached The Oxford Union to propose a debate on the subject. The proposed motion was: ‘Aliens exist on earth, Yes or no?’. However, this proposal was not accepted by the then president-elect.

Since the conference, Dr Chi has developed his theory, writing a book in Korean, the title of which roughly translates to: ‘Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity’. 

Dr Chi spoke exclusively to The Oxford Student regarding his theory. When asked whether he still holds the views outlined in the 2012 Conference, Dr Chi answered positively, elaborating on his views about alien abductions, the comprehensive biosphere theory and his hypotheses as to the reasons for ETs creating new human species. 

Dr Chi believes that there are four types of aliens: small; tall and bold;  aliens with scales and snake eyes; and finally, insect-like aliens. The latter of these seems to be the highest in the hierarchy, he said, and gives orders to the lower ranks. 

Whilst he states that cases of alien abductions are diverse, he notes that “what is common is that they are all conducting some kind of biological experiment, including the production of a hybrid.”

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