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Once the WHO Gets its Pandemic Treaty, How Long Till it Declares the Next ‘Pandemic’?

I was amazed to read the obituary of Sir Anthony Epstein who died at the age of 102 last week.

He suspected that a lymphoma (cancer) named after Dennis Burkitt (who first described it) was caused by a virus and was determined to discover that virus. He received numerous specimens regularly flown in from Uganda and consistently failed to find any evidence until a flight was seriously delayed and the specimens when they finally arrived all looked cloudy.

Finally he was able to locate a new herpes virus with the new electron microscope, eponymously called the Epstein Barr Virus (Barr was his technician) or EBV.

Many other viruses have been suspected to cause cancer but not cultured or seen under the microscope. A famous example is the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) which causes (among other cancers), cancer of the cervix. It can only be detected by molecular biological techniques, such as those used by Harold zur Hausen, its Nobel Prize-winning discoverer.

The difficulty in identifying viruses has led to a host of what are labelled as conspiracy theories such as HIV does not cause AIDS and the Covid virus does not exist.

These theories get excited by facts such as many HIV-infected patients are well and some AIDS cases are HIV-negative, and that it is hard to isolate both HIV and SARS-2, the cause of Covid. Interestingly in both HIV and Covid the severe clinical manifestations are caused not by the direct effect of the virus killing cells but rather by the gross over-inflammation that the viruses induce.

This brings me to the issues raised by the WHO wanting us all to sign up to its agenda for world domination to tackle the next pandemic. Our Government along with many others seems to think that this would be a good thing, although many of us are horrified that we would lose our sovereignty. The WHO has gone out of its way to reassure us that this is not the case and issued a document which lays this out.

However, as the Swiss legal expert Philipp Kruse explained in Parliament last week, a full read of a document designed to prevent detailed reading by its length shows that this is a lie.

The WHO showed itself to be supremely incompetent in its handling of the Covid outbreak in China. Now it wants to inflict this incompetence on us all over again but this time be in total control. Why?

It is noteworthy that it has recruited Jeremy Farrar from the Wellcome Trust to head up the science, along with other mad men and women who think we must lock down sooner and harder next time.

Farrar is either a paid liar or completely incompetent as he drove the suppression of the truth that the Covid virus escaped from a Wuhan laboratory. It is on record that even his wife thought the virus did not look natural.

The WHO is now in the clutches of the Gates foundation and China and expects our excessive donations, which the U.K. Government gives it as well as its other sister agencies such as GAVI and CEPI.

This is a wake up call, we must withdraw now whilst we have the chance.

What is its agenda? It wants control to manage the next pandemic, which it will surely announce when we are all signed up.

The fear has started with the dreadful disease already named disease X. Stories of more dangerous viruses have already been released, with a Wuhan virus causing 100% deaths in mice. The implication is this one will infect the brain.

Sadly, I have to report that much of this is and could be true. Our interpretation of the Covid virus sequence showed that it had been heavily engineered with inserts that it not only infected the main ACE-2 receptor but could bind to other secondary receptors such as those involved with taste and smell. So it already has infected our brains as those who have suffered brain fog can rigorously attest!

Our researches revealed that there is more than one Wuhan laboratory working on coronaviruses and that one under military control is focusing on neurological targeting viruses.

Then I suddenly came to the concept that they have already released one such virus but like the EBV story this virus has yet to be found.

This virus is exceptionally virulent and takes over the brains of previously rational human beings and forces them to embrace new religions and beliefs which rational thought would normally make them think through the consequences. Having removed the frontal lobe function, mass hysteria sets in with mandated thoughts on diversity, equity and inclusivity leading to (in short) a mass outbreak of the very opposite before spreading out to embrace more concepts like environment and governance.

It all makes sense. Like Anthony Epstein, I will continue to search for it until discovered. For now, I will call it the DEI/ESG virus. Wish me luck!

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