Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 February 2024

The East vs West World War Gaslit by The Mainstream Alternative Media ? – Richard Willett New Substack

Recently Alex Jones posted this bizarre video on his X account, apparently have a pop at Michelle Obama for being Transgender. This maybe the case, Michelle may well be Micheal, but in adult land who really cares.

What is more interesting and important to me is that once you realise that Alex is spending a lot of his online energy promoting his longtime friend Tucker Carlson and that Tucker is a Kabbalist, then the video below takes on an entirely new meaning.

This video was posted by Alex on his X account where he seems to be poking fun at Obama and his “wife”.

Kabbalah Drama Decoded

At first I believed that the Black Pig in this video represented the female aspect of Yahweh which is Shekhinah, or the Moon being shadowed by the Black Pig of SET.

After speaking with Christopher Jon Bjerknes he explained to me that this was another representation of how the East is being pitted agains the West in a mutually destructive third world war.

The Crocodile represents Leviathan, the Sea creature of the West. Christopher explained to me that in this context the Black Pig represents the land mammal of the Behemoth.

Perhaps Alex is signalling to those in the know that he is pushing the West to defeat the East, perhaps without knowing that this is supposed to be a Mutually Destructive war which would leave only the Israelites of the 600,000 Points of the World Soul to roam the earth in what they believe to be a ‘World To Come. In conspirators terms this is The New World Order after The Great Reset.

Unfortunately most people will not realise that in US Politics you have the choice between one Kabbalist Chabad Lubavitch candidate and another, as demonstrated below.

As the above graphic shows, all of these politicians are on the Chabad train to their version of a “World To Come” and that world to come does not include any of us. Like any good cult it also does not include most it’s own members either, although it is likely that those in the image above believe themselves to be “Chosen”.

Before I move on to explain what this World To Come entails please remember that this Cult is so desperate right now, that they are trying to sell us a saviour of their own.

Any any old Schmuck will do……

Selling Musk

Musk often drops Kabbalist and Messianic symbology on “his” X Platform. Musks companies are finically backed by Saudi Royal and Qatar National Funding as well as huge loans from investment firms.

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