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The Bizarre Truth Behind Sacked BBC Employee Dawn Queva’s Belief That White People Are a “Parasitical Deviant Breed”

Watching the BBC these days, do you ever get the impression its schedulers completely hate their own viewers? Perhaps they only detest those who were born white, at least to judge by the ever-so-slightly intemperate online comments of one Dawn Queva, a senior scheduler at BBC Three, who, as the Daily Sceptic recently reported, was sacked earlier this month after making a series of social media posts calling white people a “virus”, a “mutant invader species”, “melanin-recessive parasites” and a “barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed”. She doesn’t seem to much like Jews, either.

Reading these statements, most people will probably have thought, “Clearly she’s just been on a DEI course.” The natural thought is that Red Dawn is merely some typical, ranting, anti-white far-Left bigot of precisely the kind the BBC now apparently goes out of its way to hire, and that her language is simply a reflection of her bitter political views. Yet there may be rather more to the matter.

I have no personal knowledge of where precisely Queva picked up her distasteful lingo about whitey being “melanin-recessive parasites”, but possibly she has been reading my recent new book Hitler’s & Stalin’s Misuse of Science: When Science Fiction Was Turned Into Science Fact by the Nazis and the Soviets (previous extracts in the Daily Sceptic here and here) which traces precisely where such lines of racist abuse ultimately came from… outer-space!

Martian Luther King

The idea of whitey being a genetically inferior species of subhuman mutant originates with a group of largely U.S.-based black activists known as the ‘magic melanin’ school. These people argue that the fact black people have higher levels of the chemical pigment melanin within their skin than other races means blacks are more highly evolved, having an intimate connection to the inky blackness of the cosmos itself.

The deranged U.S. black nationalist cult the Nation of Islam (NoI) has long promulgated a bizarre racial creation myth for humanity which holds that, 76 trillion years ago, a special living atom spontaneously spun out from an all-encompassing space-womb of total cosmic blackness, giving birth to both the physical universe and the equally vital concepts of time and black men simultaneously. This jet-black “atom of life” was named Allah, God Almighty.

Once Atomic Allah was born, He grew amidst the stars like a holy space-foetus, slowly accumulating individual cells which coalesced into organs, flesh, blood and bones over the course of six trillion years. This foetus then became conscious within the form of a truly beautiful human being – a divine black Space-Adam, the father of all later human races, who

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