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Planning Laws Must Be Eased Because of Immigration Crisis, Minister Insists

Planning laws have had to be eased because of the pressure record immigration is putting on the availability of housing, Housing Minister Lee Rowley has said. The Telegraph has more.

Lee Rowley, the Housing Minister, said the Tories “can’t divorce” the discussion over the lack of new homes from the need to cut levels of migration.

Writing for the Telegraph, he acknowledged that talk of easing restrictions on building was “often a very difficult subject in many communities”.

He made the remarks after Rishi Sunak unveiled plans to force Britain’s biggest 20 cities to build hundreds of thousands more homes on brownfield sites.

The Prime Minister said the reforms would “protect our precious countryside” whilst ensuring more young families can get on the property ladder.

Under the proposals more abandoned commercial buildings such as former offices and department stores will be converted into flats.

Ministers also announced proposals to loosen the rules so that homeowners can build larger extensions without needing planning permission.

Mr. Rowley, who is the MP for North East Derbyshire, said: “I know that planning is often a very difficult subject in many communities.

“I also know that we can’t divorce discussion of it from other policy areas. Pressure on housing is caused by population growth which is why the Prime Minister is absolutely right to focus on cutting both illegal and legal immigration.

“At the same time, it is absolutely vital we build more homes for the next generation.”

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