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Irish doctor who highlights 5.3 million adverse reactions to ‘covid’ injections is labelled as “far-right” and “anti-vaccination”

On 6 February, Irish Senator Sharon Keogan hosted an event at the Irish parliament to expose the World Health Organisation’s power grab.

Dr. Billy Ralph was one of those who gave a speech. He spoke about the almost 5.3 million adverse reactions to covid injections registered on the World Health Organisation’s drug monitoring database, VigiAccess.

Dr. Ralph is being wrongfully investigated by the Irish Medical Council for advising a pregnant woman to exercise caution when considering a novel pharmaceutical agent – namely the experimental mRNA vaccines, Dr. Tess Lawrie tweeted.

You can hear more about Dr. Ralph’s wrongful investigation HERE.

After Senator Keogan’s event, the Irish Examiner published an article labelling all those who gave a presentation as a “panel of prominent far-right individuals and anti-vaccination campaigners.”

Is Dr. Billy Ralph an “anti-vaxxer” for pointing out facts? asks Louise Roseingrave.

Wexford general practitioner (“GP”) Dr. Billy Ralph dropped a bombshell in a speech delivered at Leinster House last week. His presentation was part of an event organised by Independent Senator Sharon Keogan entitled ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty: Know the Facts’.

The event was attended by just two TDs, Mattie McGrath (Ind), who heard the full discussion and Michael Fitzmaurice (Ind) ‘who stepped in for a while’ according to organisers. Deputy Fitzmaurice announced his intention to join the newly formed Independent Ireland Party this morning. Fine Gael’s Simon Coveney was personally handed a copy of the event information pack by Senator Keogan.

[Note: TD is an acronym for Teachta Dála (Member of Parliament), who is a member of Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament).]

The Irish Examiner slapped this headline upon proceedings. It’s not clear if reporter Paul Hosford actually attended the event. If he did, perhaps he might have picked up on an important detail delivered in Dr. Ralph’s speech.

In preparing for the presentation, the GP – who is one of six GPs under investigation by the Irish Medical Council – checked out the World Health Organisation’s figures for adverse drug reactions to covid-19 vaccines.

The result? More than five million adverse reactions were logged, a total of 5,286,822 in just three years of covid vaccine circulation. For comparison, the GP checked out results for Amoxicillin, a commonly used penicillin antibiotic.

The website, an affiliate site to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) is

“Everyone’s had amoxicillin, babies have it, dogs have it. If you look up amoxicillin, you’ll get 160,000 reported adverse events over 52 years.

“Now if you put in covid vaccine, and bear in mind that it’s one in a hundred of these events that gets reported and the covid vaccines have been around for three years. And this is on WHO’s own website. There are 5,25 million adverse events recorded.

“I don’t see the WHO saying anything about that,” Dr. Ralph said.

The adverse reactions logged on VigiAccess show that more adverse events occurred in Europe than anywhere else in the world and that females sustained a rate of injury almost twice that of males.

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