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AI and the new kind of propaganda

By Johan Eddebo

Do you remember how the unconstitutional, pastel-authoritarian and totally batshit insane “Disinformation Governance Board” – with its Mary Poppins-cosplaying, Monty Python level of unintentional self-satirizing department head – was rolled out two years ago like a half-joke, half-beta-test of a version of the 1984 Ministry of Truth?

Well, kids, I wouldn’t really call this 4D chess or anything, but of course this was just bait. This parody and its rapid withdrawal reassures us that nothing of the sort could conceivably take place, while also seeding a visible, red-herring template for how we should expect heavy-handed, overt propaganda efforts to look in this day and age.

Meanwhile, there are currently massive efforts in the background and below the surface, all across the playing field, towards implementing big data and AI technology for not only the purposes of classical, increasingly obsolete propaganda or simple surveillance. No, this time, we’re exploring entirely novel methods of behavioural modification and narrative control intended to GET OUT AHEAD of the crystallization of discourses and even the formation of identities and worldviews.

They want to control the formation and reproduction of “social imaginaries”.

So the idea is to use massive data collection and AI pattern recognition to preemptively disrupt the formation of behaviourally significant narratives, discourses or patterns of information.

With these tools of “early diagnosis” of information that potentially could disrupt the power structure and its objectives, it then becomes possible to nip it in the bud incredibly early on, way before such information has even coalesced into something like coherent narratives or meaningful models for explanation or further (precarious) conclusions.

” During the past two decades the commitment on the part of the US Department of Defense (DoD) to what Edwards (1996) has analyzed as a ‘closed world’ of containment and military dominance has taken on new life. The shift during the 1990s from a frame of superpower conflict to the so-called irregular warfare of counterinsurgency and counterterror operations aligned well with the building out of networked infrastructures. Yet the associated Revolution in Military Affairs has resulted less in the dissolution of the persistent ‘fog of war’ than in its intensification. Read as a lack of information integration, the intransigent disorders of warfighting underwrite ever expanding investments in what I will argue is a resilient fantasy of data-driven, comprehensive command and control. Building out systems of sensors, signal processing, data storage and transmission has proven more straightforward than the translation of data into what in military terms is named ‘actionable intelligence’. As the excess of data now threatens to destabilize the technopolitical imaginary of just-in-time information, artificial intelligence (AI) is advanced as the promissory solution to automating data analysis and reclosing the world”

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