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The Infectious Myth Busted: The Germ Duel.

As a defensive tactic, often defenders of the germ “theory” of disease will challenge those who oppose their views that are borne of a “hundred years of pseudoscientific experimentation” to subject themselves to what they believe may be a “pathogenic agent” in order to disprove contagion, according to Mike Stone of ViroLIEgy.

Mike terms this a “Germ Duel” which he discusses in another article where he busts the infectious myth!

The Infectious Myth Busted: The Germ Duel.

By Mike Stone- originally published in ViroLIEgy’s Antiviral Substack.

In the early 1900s, there was a Canadian doctor who experimented with millions of the so-called deadly pathogenic bacteria of diphtheria, typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, and tuberculosis. Anywhere from 50,000 to several millions of these bacteria were contained within the cultures that were ultimately swallowed by the volunteers. However, not a single one of them ever came down with disease over the course of the five years of experimentation.

Having satisfied himself of the fraud of the germ “theory” of disease, the Canadian doctor set out a challenge to the rest of the scientific community to prove that microbes can cause disease through similar experiments. While his challenge was largely ignored, a doctor from Minnesota eventually responded by issuing a challenge of his own to the Canadian doctor, wanting him to subject himself to further experiments. Thus, a germ duel was set where the person with the positive claim regarding the existence of so-called deadly pathogenic microbes wanted the one who challenged this belief to prove it wrong by experimenting directly on himself.

Often times when dealing with the defenders of the germ “theory” of disease, we are challenged to similar “germ duels” where, in order to maintain our honor and support our challenge to their positive claim (which they mistakenly believe has been satisfied due to a hundred years of pseudoscientific experimentation), we must demonstrate a willingness to “risk our lives” for it while they get to sit back on fraudulent evidence that they feel is sufficient. We are supposed to subject ourselves to various so-called “pathogenic” agents in order to disprove “infection” and “contagion.” This is a defensive tactic that is employed once the germ “theory” defenders realize that they have no scientific evidence on their side supporting their belief in invisible “pathogenic” boogeymen.

Thus, it somehow becomes “logical” in their minds to demand that we jump through ridiculous hoops in order to satisfy their outlandish scenarios in place of their having to provide experimental evidence that validates the positive claims that they make. It’s an attempt to logically fallaciously shift the burden of proof onto us so that they do not have to defend their position with scientific evidence. Personally, I’ve been told to get bit by a rabid dog, sleep with someone who has an STD, inject myself with HIV-positive blood, sit inside a tuberculosis ward, and take care of an Ebola patient without adequate protection.

Ironically, I can actually cross one of those scenarios off of the list as I personally lived inside a small two-bedroom apartment with my mother-in-law who was said to be in the active and “infectious” phase of the tuberculosis disease for over a month. According to the Mayo Clinic, TB spreads when a person ill with the disease coughs, sneezes or sings, releasing tiny droplets with the germs into the air that another person breathes in, allowing the germs to enter the lungs. The disease is said to spread easily when people gather in crowds or when living in crowded conditions. However, despite the fact that it should have been easy for us to “catch” the disease, neither myself, my wife, my son, nor any of the various relatives and visitors who came to see my mother-in-law during that time ever came down with the tuberculosis disease or even tested positive for it. This was a major turning point that had me questioning the concepts of “infectiousness” and “contagiousness.”

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