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Side Hustles With Little Start-Up Cost

In today’s modern world, people are forever searching for ways to increase their income. Perhaps they need additional money to pay off debt, put a down payment on a property, build savings, or simply just want more money for bills or luxury items. 


If this ideology describes your current situation, then you could benefit greatly from having a side hustle. Side hustles allow people to earn more money, turn hobbies into careers, and even make entire career switches and start their own businesses. 


However, one problem many people encounter when trying to start their own side hustle is the fear that it may require a large upfront investment. Not willing to take the risk, many people don’t even try to start their side hustle and let the dream die. We are here to tell you that many side hustles require very little in terms of upfront costs that you could start today. In this article, we will go over some of the cheapest and best side hustle ideas so you can start making money today.


What is a Side Hustle


A side hustle is a means of making money outside of one’s full-time career. This can include starting your own business, selling items or services, freelancing, or starting a part-time job. 

Unlike a full-time job, you will have control over your side hustle in most cases other than in part-time work that involves a contract. You will have complete freedom regarding the hours you work and the jobs you accept, which are ideal for those already in full-time employment. Furthermore, your side hustle can involve pursuing passions and hobbies, which may make you feel more fulfilled.


Is It Possible to Start a Side Hustle With Little Money


In short, the answer is yes; you can start a side hustle with little to no money, depending on what you intend to do. Of course, there are some side hustles that will require an investment, whether that be products, materials, software, or other items. 


It is also important to note that although there are many side hustles which require little money, all side hustles will require time and hard work. Many side hustles will start out unprofitable and only start to yield profits once enough time and work have been put in.


Selling Online Courses


In the modern landscape of digital education, many people are turning to the internet for opportunities. Suppose you consider yourself particularly skilled or knowledgeable in a subject or topic. In that case, you can fill this market by making online courses to teach students or aspiring workers within your industry. Making an online course can be rather straightforward; marketing your course towards your selected target audience is the main challenge. 




Similar to the last side hustle, tutoring can be a cheap side hustle for those particularly knowledgeable in a specific field or talented in a specific skill. You could give piano lessons, tutor maths and much more. Once again, tutoring itself is free, though marketing yourself, whether it be through social media or a website, can be difficult and even minorly costly. 


Selling Handmade Items


Selling handmade items on sites such as Etsy can be a great way to turn your passion or hobby into a successful side hustle. The only cost required to start this side hustle is the cost of materials to make your products. However, if arts and crafts is a hobby of yours, the chances are you will be spending this money regardless of whether or not you decide to sell the products. 


Building Websites


Website building comes with a small fee for the domain name; however, there are many sites available which can provide you with free domains. Hosting is usually included with the domain price. 


If you have a knack for web creation, you can build and sell websites to people. For example, you could create a landscaping website and use SEO techniques to increase traffic and the site’s value. At this point, you can sell it to landscapers who need a website to promote their services. This can be done for every niche.


Alternatively, you could also set up websites and release blogs/ articles regularly to grow your site. Eventually, you may be able to make money through affiliate marketing, display ads and other revenue sources. 


Dog Walking


This is a much more straightforward side hustle idea and simply requires you to walk the dogs of friends and family. If you like, you could turn this into a small business to attract more clients in the local community and further afield. Regardless, this side hustle is as low cost as walking with the added company of a dog.


Delivery Driving


Becoming a delivery driver is another very straightforward side hustle. You can deliver from restaurants to homes and businesses or from delivery services such as Evry and Amazon. Though profitable hours for food delivery may clash with your mealtimes, this side hustle can be very profitable even if only performed for a couple of hours a day. The only cost for this side hustle is your car, which you will already be paying for, and petrol, which we recommend taking into consideration when being paid for this side hustle. 




Freelancing is a side hustle as old as time and the go-to for many people. Freelancing allows individuals to leverage their existing skills and expertise to offer services on a flexible schedule, eliminating the need for significant upfront investments. The low barrier to entry in many freelancing platforms enables people to monetise their talents without the overhead costs associated with traditional businesses. 

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