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Circles In The Sand – Epstein & His Hollow Earth?

By Richard Willett

First off I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has been sharing, commenting and supporting my latest articles and research.

It might seem like I have become a little obsessed with this Epstein Zorro Ranch situation, but in-between researching this global and perhaps other worldly cover up I have been editing content about alien encounters, Ukraine Nazi factions and their connections to Zionism and tonight I am interviewing a chap about inter-dimensional Sasquatch spotted in New Mexico.

So a varied gaggle of information to say the least, and the incredible thing is…it really does all connect, not least around New Mexico, New York and the Lurianic Kabbalah.

Circling The Truth

One of the most memorable images of Epstein’s New Mexico Zorro Ranch (alongside the Z which connects to recent events across the US/Mexico Southern Boarder) is the helipad which you can see below.

Of course this could be put down to just being a fancy design by a predatory rich man for his toy helicopters, but we question everything especially when it comes to the likes of Jeffery Epstein. Remember these occultists and their brethren Satanists are steeped in ritual. Just look at the Sigil of Saturn on the Crest of the British Royals Balmoral Castle (Baal being another name for Moloch). Baal could be another version of the Ass headed God Yahweh, who in some Jewish mystic cults is really a cover for Set or Seth-Typhon.

So these occultists by their very nature are steeped in symbology, even down to the design of the main Masonic Temples being modelled on the Temple of Solomon.

With this in mind I was draw to looking into any and all symbology surrounding Epstein’s Zorro Ranch. I came across a great little video that talked about what the helipad might represent, by Youtuber CaliforniaPickin who had some interesting takes on what it might mean.

His conclusion was that this concentric symbol was a symbol for “The Lost City of Atlantis” and I can understand why he has come to this conclusion, though it is not one I fully share.

Below is one of a fair few symbols for the Lost City of Atlantis, and although this is of course an intriguing theory and I do believe it certainly has some mythological validity, I just don’t think its close enough for me.

Having said that, it could well be that BOTH are correct and that ultimately the Lost City of Atlantis and the Hollow Earth are the actually the same thing? Remember we are asking questions here, and not making statements, and there’s no such thing as a stupid or wrong question.

Thanks to California Pickin for this insight into what this symbol might mean as I certainly believe he is onto something and as my previous articles suggest, there are likely many underground facilities underneath the vast expanse of New Mexico.

Dulce Base, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Manzano Base to name just a few.

A Hollow Promise

For the sake of this article let’s go with the premise that this helipad may be a birds eye (Ra- Gods Eye) view of a symbol for a hollow earth. It is my belief that the number of rings can be equated to the depth or levels of the facility below.


The Dream

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