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US Cattle Herd At 73-Year Lows As Retail Beef Prices At Record Highs

By Tyler Durden

Readers have been well informed about ‘beeflation’ and why it’s happening:

The latest data from the US Department of Agriculture’s biannual cattle inventory report on Wednesday showed that the US cattle herd (as of Jan. 1) fell 2% from a year ago to 87.2 million cattle. That’s the smallest herd count since 1951.

Bloomberg explains the reason why ranchers are increasingly culling more cows:

American ranchers have for the past four years been culling more cows than they were retaining for breeding because of persistent droughts, surging feed costs and elevated interest rates.

A shrinking herd has pushed US retail beef prices to a record of $5.21 per pound. Rising food prices are the central bank’s worst enemy.

According to Lane Broadbent, president of KIS Futures Inc. in Oklahoma City, drought-plagued pasture conditions might only improve after 2026.

Meanwhile, elites in the WEF cult have been pushing hard to ban cow farts because they allege it’s contributing to climate change. These folks are adamant about resetting the global food supply chain to one that puts working poor folks on a bug-heavy diet.

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