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Is Independent Commentator David Icke the Future of Journalism? Roasting the Press Episode 14

It might be hard for the unawakened followers of the legacy narrative to believe, but for new media followers, independent commentator David Icke is generally considered to be a well respected source of context and commentary on world events.

While Icke is best known in the mainstream for a half dozen theories and viewpoints which are essentially unverifiable (some would call them “batshit crazy”), most of his more mundane commentaries, theories and predictions are useful, well researched with citations and independently verifiable.

An example of this is the January 16th, 2024 David Icke on Banned.Video post, “’David Icke was right about “Covid”, the jab, the Cloud, and manipulation by a non-human force’ – by the team that identified graphene in the fake vaccine.”

The video references an earlier series of video broadcasts Icke created with independent UK commentator Brian Rose in 2020/21, where Icke made predictions concerning the COVID “vaccines,” and how they would react if subject to 5G radiation. Icke considered the “vaccines” and the 5G signals to be two parts of a deadly recipe which, when combined could injure, maim and/or kill.

Shortly after Icke’s interview, the London Real network which Rose broadcasted his interviews over, was banned by most large social media networks.

Icke’s latest video (also posted on Icke’s website as the February 3rd, 2024 story “YES! The real reason for ‘Covid’ fake vaccines,“) is a follow-up to his earlier interview with Rose and notes recent scientific experiments with 5G signals. It also shows how the Covid-19 vaccines issued since 2020 seem to be harming the people who received the shots.

Icke interviews several of the scientists involved in the experiments, usually an indication that the interviewees support the interviewers presentation and fairness (if not his politics).

All in all, its a reasoned and informed follow-up to one of the most polarizing, independent interviews of 2020/2021. It’s something the dying legacy media needs to be doing more of.

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