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Gas lighting and Misdirection with the Spike Protein Fantasy

We need to seriously question the story about the spike protein of the so called Covid “virus” and the mRNA story in the jabs. I delved into studies regarding the detection of the spike protein and found there is no evidence for its existence.

Here’s why:

1. First of all, there is no evidence that any virus ever existed as the tests purported to be evidence are humbug. I wrote extensively about it in another post:

So if there is no virus, there can’t be any spike protein since it is claimed the spike protein is part of the outer capsule of the virus.

2. Studies1,2,3,4,5 do NOT use isolated spike protein from isolated virus samples to analyze its amino acid sequence and test what it does to cells. They take the gene sequence of questionable origin of “the virus” from a computer database and deduce the genes responsible for the spike protein. They then create a plasmid (a string of genes) coded for that spike protein (claimed to be) and insert it into a bacteria, usually E. Coli so that bacteria then produce this “spike protein”. They then purify this protein and use it to detect so called antibodies or create 3D renderings of it or show that it binds to ACE2 receptors.

The later study4 even stated that 1988 proteins thought to be encoded in certain gene sequences of “the virus” have NOT BEEN found in what is assumed to be the virus. The gene sequence found and predicted to be for the spike protein is compared to the gene sequence “found” in other corona viruses genomes (in computer databases), also predicted to be for the spike protein. The foundation on which the studies and reasoning is based is invalid. Ergo all conclusions based on this are garbage.

The last study5 writes verbatim:  Amino acid composition and protein structure:

“Wrapp et al. [17] obtained the trimeric structure of the S protein by 3D reconstruction technology based on the genomic sequence of SARS-CoV-2, and found that it is structurally different from that of SARS-CoV.”

Once again the structure of the S protein was done by 3D reconstruction based on genomic sequence of the “virus” found in a database.

3. When antibodies bind to this protein it’s then classified as an antibody against the spike protein, ergo a Covid diagnosis is made. But, as Dr. Mike Yeadon pointed out recently, there is no evidence this created protein is from a virus. He wrote: “first you need the something that you wish to develop a method to detect.” In this case they use antibodies that bind to that purported lab created spike protein. They get these antibodies from animals injected with that protein. Animals as well as humans create many different antibodies to foreign proteins (food allergies for example). If you inject a lab created protein into a body, it will make antibodies that bind to it. Read more of what Dr. Yeadon wrote here:

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